Wednesday, July 2, 2008

WOAH. Did you guys hear about This?

The doggle breeder in TN that got busted and they comfiscated 700 dogs from her home? SEVEN HUNDRED..... (and ya'll think 3 is too many!!) anyway I heard the story, and have been interested and saddened by it but today, takes the cake!
Granpa & Gloria said that UNCLE LOUIE was one of the rescuers! That is pretty cool! He donated his time and services to drive out there and do check ups on those poor little pupples. Uncle Louie (Dr. Graham's bro) is a Vet in Hendersonville,TN. He and his staff take great care of my wild doggles.. and he has never made fun of me calling in hysterics over whatever the doggles have gotten into at the moment. Good man!
If you would like to see more about either the puppy mill bust or uncle Louie click the links.

PS . If they would have called me from that bust I would have driven right over there and taken 10 off their hands! Matt & Scott I know you guys would have taken some too!


Scott Terry said...

I would have been there so fast!

jenn said...

I was at the clinic yesterday and talked to dad about the pups. First, there were 700 grown dogs... if the momma had a litter it was counted as one. Therefore, this crazy woman had many many more. Dad has about 8 of the dogs at the clinic with him. The Sumner County shelter is bringing him more soon b/c they are out of room. I know that some of the pups are going out of state to other shelters, but LOTS are staying around here. They were all really sweet cuddly dogs, most that dad has are at the "too old to be adopted age"/ you know the age that people don't want. If you know anyone that wants one of these dogs you can contact the Sumner or Davidson county shelters and they will help you out. They are starting to allow adoptions this Saturday.

LG said...

Jenn! Great info i was wondering where they were b/c i have had several people lately mention getting a dog! no time like the present!

What I Know said...

Oh this breaks my heart! I unfortunately cannot have a pet at this time (I work late, travel too much, and live alone...not fair to the puppy), but I will certainly pass on the info to everyone I know. I know there are a lot of dog lovers in Nashville.

Cathryn Sypert (Mandy) said...

I heard about this! It breaks my heart. I hope they all find great homes!

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