Saturday, July 12, 2008

Recommended Iphone Apps

I'm not gonna lie.. I have spent tons of time playing with all the new software for iphone (its amazing I even got dressed today) and testing out apps and reading all the media coverage so here are my picks:

#1 Phone Saber - turns your phone into a light saber with FULL sounds effects. If you only you could have been here to see Erik and I having sword fights in our living room when we discovered that one.
#2 Twitterific - for twitter
#3 Loopt - social geo tracking device.
#4 Remote - turns our phone into a remote for your itunes/apple tv etc. works like a charm
#5 SUper monkey Ball - game from Sega. GREAT graphics, really pretty, and very hard!
#6 Travel Spoon - restaurant finder based on your location. Neat display like a slot machine.
#7 Lists - enough said.
#8 eBay - MUCH better view of ebay! Really helpful for me!
#9 alarm free - Personal security alarm as well as free fall alarm
#10 Pandora - awesome for the dead heads of the world. Instead of syncing all 4 kathousand of your dead tunes.. you can just stream a Grateful Dead channel on Pandora which will use no space on your device. rad

Still some bugs, some programs shut down while you are using them, but all in all GREAT stuff.. life changing even... I expect Apple to fix the bugs over the next few weeks....

1 comment:

grizaham said...

Yeah, all those are pretty neat. I got one that makes a super mario noise every time i jump.. Now that is technology.. :)

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