Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Mobile ME Launches tonight!

if you are into "Apple" stuff then read on, if not, skip this post.

Tonight is the big night! Mobile Me is launching somewhere between 8pm-2am our time and so tomorrow when you wake up, it will be really important to do a software update on your MAC and also your Iphone!
I know a lot of you may not understand what all the hype is about so to that end , I am gonna post some videos on here that will help explain way better than words ever could.

Apple's MobileMe Guided Video Tour

A neat Artcile thanks to my fellow mac geek Paul :

How to Prepare for the change over to MobileMe

Which is about the stupidist name they could have given the thing but whatev. It is still cool.


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grizaham said...

mobile me rocks.

Anonymous said...

Laura- did you see the post about the Iphones on Perez today?

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