Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Do you know ANY doctors that don't have rubbing alcohol?

So, I am sure you all have been on the edge of your seat waiting to hear the status of my ear situation. Today I called around and tried to get a Doctors Appt and to no avail. They either didn't have time for 2 weeks or didn't do ear stuff so GREAT, after the 3rd attempt I asked the Beastma of a receptionist what she recommended I do if no one would see me and she said to go to the "Minute Clinic" and I am all "what's that?" and she say's it is the new clinics with Nurse Practitioners working them inside of CVS's or Walgreens. Great concept , great idea. This could really make a Dr. Office visit more pleasant if small simple things like swimmers ear can be cleared up at the Minute Clinics. So I drive to my local CVS and the menu said it would be $59 for ear issues. No one in line so I'm first (awesome) and then i see the dude is gonna be my Dr. I'm only slightly worried that he looks like a hippie with a green ipod. I was more worried about the fact that he found it perfectly entertaining to sit there staring at the wall listening to his ipod... that should have been a huge indicator that he lacked ambition. Was he nice, yes, was he qualified, I'm sure. Am I better now? NO!!! I"M WORSE!!!
This dude deduces that I have hardened ear wax blocking the ear canal so he is gonna rinse it out with this thing that sounded like a drill spurting hot water into my head. I swear I felt some water behind my eyeball when that was going on... not sure how.. But anyway, after that is done, all that water stayed INSIDE my ear trapped behind the wax ball so now I have a head full of water and am 100 times worse than before. He looks at me like he is giving up and says it will eventually work its way out... and I am all "Oh no no nnnnnannanoNO dude... I paid $59 and you have made me worse so you are gonna have to figure something out" and he says I can go home and put some rubbing alcohol in it and rub that around.Really? Well thank GOD for such GREAT useful advice.. that was totally worth the $59 YOU IDIOT@$#%^(*&*
I mean seriously.... alcohol?? I said you know what, YOU do that now b/c that IS what I came here for! and that is when he told me that he didn't have any alcohol. Really? A Doctor's office with no rubbing alcohol? That makes TOTAL sense. So i said you know what, since we are in CVS, I am gonna go buy some and come right back. Don't move. And I did and he put it in there, then my ear exploded a little and some of the alcohol got in my eyeball and I am still deaf, and now kind of in pain.
All in all, he was lucky I didn't smack him. he just had ZERO motivation to help resolve the problem. So here I am, at home, with a head full of water and a bottle of rubbing alcohol and some other drops i picked up on the ear aisle at CVS, and this terribly useful information he bestowed upon me in his total stoner voice. "Ears are meant to clean themselves believe it or not" .. "Earwax is actually helpful".... "Sorry I'm an Ahole. Thanks for the $59." just kiddin he didn't say that.

But what he did say, and I found this equally as lovely, is that my COPAY is $36.00. Have you ever been anywhere, that your copay was $36? Thank GOODNESS for that special BlueCross insurance we have that cost One KAZILLION dollars a month, because spending that $500 on the front end totally saved me $23.00 HOORAY.Thank you BCBS.

PS. Still cant hear.

Oh, and also just in case you should ever find yourself in a similar situation, if your ears start itching internally, that is a precursor so go straight to drugstore and by the alcohol then, when it can actually help.


grizaham said...

well laurahead... i think you get what you paid for... I went to a Minute Clinic when i had a terrible sore throat and she told me that she doesn't do presciptions and to take some ibuprofen and decongestants... Minute Clinic is garbage... Google is more effective..

kristicpoltrack said...

that's terrible, i can't believe no regular dr or ent dr could see you when you have an immediate problem. ugh! have you tried webmd, sometimes they give useful info

auhays said...

That is a hilarious but painful-sounding story. You should have Erik place a plunger over your ear and go to town! Prob more effective than the hippie doc. Did the $59 include a grilled cheese or veggie burrito? I love hippies, but am not confident in their medical capabilities!

What I Know said...

I love this story! Although you are seriously P.O.'d and still in pain, I have to admit I cracked up. I have never been to the Minute Clinic but have debated it several times...i will not debate that again. I especially like the part about ears cleaning themselves...that is just so insightful and wise. :)

Lindsey said...

I am sorry you are in pain. I was laughing out loud from your drama. Have you ever heard of ear candles?? I love them. The candles clean out the wax and would help to remove the them. I hope you feel better soon!

thisismamashouse said...

Laura!! Brent sent me your the blog girl!!

You need to help me with my next phone...I am way back in the stone ages with my cell phone capabilities!!

Anyway, just wanted to pop in and say hi and let you know I enjoy your blog!! Come read mine sometime if you get bored, lol!


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