Tuesday, July 8, 2008

James The Plumber is a NICE, Patient Man!

With a new SideKick (a.k.a. Ralphie)........

Ralphie is obsessed with him and has been following him around everywhere. Perhaps he remembers the last time James was here and gave him a free lunch. (James had spilled a bowl of soup down his pants leg, which ralphie completely licked clean)... Either way, the second James was finally on the floor, Ralphie layed (sp?) right across his neck, and when James started laughing he took that as full permission for the tongue assault.


grizaham said...

Aww Ralph sure is a love hungry pup! And James is a VERY NICE man!

Cathryn Sypert (Mandy) said...

Brodie is the same way! If you are on the floor at his level then you are free game!

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