Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Iphone News & Apps Review

I've been kind of slack on the iphone posts lately (and I'm sure this has been celebrated in some house holds! ) ha ... anyway we are both LOVING the 3G.. the battery life is poor but the GPS and App Store has been a lot of fun.
My fav Apps at the moment are pictured above:
Shazam - Must have and its free. You ever been somewhere and been like " dang thats a good song.. wonder who sings it?" well this little app will not only tell you who sings it but what the name is and tags it in Itunes incase you want to purchase it! Pretty nifty for a push of a button.
UrbanSpoon - I have mentioned this one before. It finds restaurants for you based on your current location. Also free.
My Lists - This is a paid app and well worth it. $1.99 and it allows you to make lots of lists with an area to check off or delete and to add priority or rearrange the placement of them WITH icons. See below. Try not to laugh at the fact that I make a list for snubs as well!


grizaham said...

The apps i use the most are Loopt, Pandora Radio, Aurora Feint (Game), and Moonlight Mahjong (game). War Eagle.

Julie said...

I do enjoy this My Lists application! I have used it a bunch already! Well worth the $1.99. I also enjoy Shazam!

LG said...

Good COmments Family!!

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