Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I had a Job Interview Today!

At our local organic grocery stop called The Turnip Truck! Its a super cute store, small and non chain like! Lots of cool people work there and I am very interested in learning all I can about food and eating healthy... So I shall keep you guys posted if I get the job or not! After the interview I was even more stoked though, b/c they have excellent benefits(gym membership, insurance, paid vaca etc..) much more than I expected! Snubs is not too wild about this, so we shall see how it goes!
I need something part time to supplement the rough ebay market these days, and something that will get me out of the house and out around some people! ha

Anyway here is the WEBSITE if you guys wanna read up on it !!

1 comment:

Julie Bray said...

I'm looking forward to seeing you featured on the website! What's your favorite color?
Looks like a cool store, wish we had places like that here in Bham! Maybe we do, anyone know???

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