Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Grizas Go 3G!

So..... Yesterday was a full day for the Grizas. We didnt make it to the Apple Store at 7am as planned... but we did get there at 10am and waited in line for 7 hours! The line was pretty fun and we made lots of new friends. (Cory I did hand out some of your business cards!).. We went there with the intention of getting just Erik a new phone bc his screen was shattered... but as I was approached in line by a Norweigin man to buy my old phone,.. I realized that I could actually profit from the sale of the old phone so that is what we did. Bought new ones, sold the old ones.
(so if you have a first gen iphone , its important for you to know they are going for about $400 on ebay b.c that is the only want to get one without a contract for the hackers..) Anyone who buys a 3G MUSt open a service contract with AT&T on the spot.

Now, as for the whole experience, I will say I was highly disappointed in the smoothness... or lack there of. I can only suspect that Jobs is equally bummed about that ( but then he looks at his bank acct and smiles) .. ha but that whole set up in the store process was what took so long, then there were server crashes at AT&T and lots of failed software updates.... all in all it was a HOT mess... but what I find a little funny is how people freak out so quickly.. usually if that sort of thing happens you wait and they will fix it.. .which is what happened eventually, but still, IMHO Apple should have released some of these updates like a week prior to the big iphone roll out..
Anyway, I can tell you that we are really enjoying our phones and all the new software. The new shape is great! More on that later. As you can see below... they are sold out in a lot of places..


grizaham said...

Well, i think it went pretty well considering millions of people had to sign up at once on AT&T servers. Thats way more than enough to crash anything.. Great job Apple.. Keep it coming.

Cory Swindle said...

Thanks for handing out cards! :) I knew that there would be some software developers in that line!

Mississippi Candice said...

So do you love it? What made you think Eric would get one and you would just sit by and watch?

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