Thursday, July 10, 2008

The App Store Is NOW online! Hooray!!

So today as soon as I could get my hands on the apps store I downloaded a few to review and test out. Below is a quick summary. More to come , I am sure. All in all, this has confirmed that I will NEVER, EVER put this phone down... not that I do much as it is... but. WOWSERS.

I am using the FREE Twitter App
"Twitterific"and its awesome! I LOVE the sounds ha. Very smooth app. If only I knew what the paid version does...

Twittelator I cant quite figure out...

Remote - I think i need apple Tv for this to wow me. ( I wish I had AppleTV) I cant figure out how to get it to work as a remote for my Itunes library yet. I will spend more time on this later.

Jott - which I thought was the Nike+ app is actually a way of jotting down information like To do lists, record voice notes, although I cant find where it is storing the recorded voice notes the to do list seems nice.

Paypal - Pretty basic, lets you see your balance and send money out but It needs a place to show monies recieved for people like me who have major ebay business in there. Quick and Easy though.

MySpace - Key feature #1 it has a remember me option so you dont have to sign in each and everytime you access.Breaks down basic categories for viewing like Profile, friend updates, comments etc. I think its faster on my phone then on my computer!

Loopt - (A social mapping app) i created my acct right from my phone. Not sure how I feel about that yet, but it is the wave of the future so may as well get on board. Its pretty impressive. Like from now on when Bro says he is on his way overe here, we can see his exact location! Like GPS tracking devices (if you allow it) . You can also link it to facebook and twitter.

Lists - This is the only app I actually paid for ( it was $1.99) and its much better than jot IMHO. An easy way to make lists for anything & everything and I love a good list. LCD - this may mean you need an iphone dear.

Facebook - Cant remember my password so will have to try that one later. Not much of a facebook fan. All those silly apps on your homescreen clutters my brain.

eBay - If ONLY I had this last year during Hockey Season! It will be really helpful this year though. I can send invoices right from my seat, instead of calling mom or dad during intermission asking them to! ha It shuts down when i use it which I am sure is something they will fix soon, but its very easy to navigate.

BOA - We use Bank of American so I was excited they got their own app didnt see any other banks with that feature. Its effective but def. nothing fancy. Could use some work.

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