Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th Of July Celebrations

Here is a pic from the "Thirth" annual block party. Its a fund raiser event that some neighbors off Eastland have every year on the3rd of July. 4 Bands, lots of food and drink. It was fun! A big group of us walked over there around 8pm but after realizing how long and sweaty that walk is (in party clothes/shoes no less) we decided to Cab it home.

Then while lounging at the pool with The Holders
on Friday afternoon, Cory was super inspired from watching "Boy Meets Grille" on TV that morning and came up with some wonderful recipes for a last minute 4th of July BBQ. It was VERY fabulous and grown up. In fact the main topic over dinner was us continuing to pat ourselves on the back for how cool, fancy and grown up we were. Ha. The pictures just don't do it justice, but will give you and idea. It was Wooten & Clayton, the Holders and the Grizas.

Below is the beginning of Cory's super labor intensive Mojitos.. (she made her OWN mixer) which required a "mincer" like I even knew what that was.. much less had one. ha
I was really excited we got to use all of our fun fancy wedding presents! Here are Erik and "The Chad" manning the grille while we women barked off orders at them left and right..."Are the steaks on yet?!" " Are you guys flipping that corn or watching it AT ALL!?"
A fabulous place setting which was pretty much by candle light... so it was prettier that way. ha
Cory with her fabulous Foccacia Bread thingys. You can click the links for recipes to each item. These were the biggest hit of the night! Sadly, Wooten had to be all original with her food items so I can link to any recipes! I can just tell you they were delish! ha

So our total menu was, Steaks, Grilled Corn, Grilled Shrimp Skewers, Blue Cheese Cole Slaw, Curry Vegetable dip, Tomatillo Salsa, Caprese Salad & Watermelon!
Ralphie's head smells just like watermelon today so either he got lots of kisses last night from all of us, or he pulled one of his scandalous moves late night in the kitchen.

After dinner it started sprinkling which lead to a MONSOON, so thank goodness we went inside.. which is when the real fun began! a MAJOR Guitar hero tournament. No one had ever played but Erik and I, but we all enjoyed watching each other struggle. I showed off all my mad dance moves while playing. Today, the Happy Holders texted me and told me that they had just purchased Guitar Hero for their house and will be perfecting their skills before the next dinner party!

Click here to watch Nashville's Fireworks show to live orchestra (3rd best in the NATION)

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Anonymous said...

The Thirth was fabulous but not as fab our our meal on Friday night, thanks to Cory!!!! Apparently Bobby Flay can induce all kinds of food cravings. We discovered this on Saturday afternoon after the lake, we watched Bobby make doughnuts and we had to go to the store and buy some...Amy

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