Monday, June 9, 2008

WWDC Starts Today!

WWDC ( world wide developers conference) starts today! That is great news! It is a big event held at Apple that all tech geeks anticipate. This year we are expecting the announcement of a new 3 G iphone! and lots of 3rd party apps and new software also for iphone. If you are an Iphone user this event will change everything for you!
If you are a blackberry user,.... get ready to be burried! You know how the Wii compares to the 1st Nintendo ever made? Well that is how the 3G 2nd Gen Iphone will compare to the Blackberry!  
Happy day for all your stock owners!

You can read updates and see how SERIOUS this event is HERE


auhays said...

Sounds like fun, but Apple is shooting themselves in the foot by contracting with AT&T to provide service. They are the pits on cell phones. Also, just for perspective:

Apple 12-month stock return: 49.6%

Research in Motion 12-mo return: 140.3%

I am anti-iPhone simply for their chosen network!! Verizon Wireless rules!!!

Lori C. said...

Just going to let you know there is an article on about the new 3G iphone. Thought you might want to check it out!

grizaham said...

sweet! can't believe they went thinner. lookin forward to it.

Kyle said...

Just the sheer fact that the iphone won't text message, which is something phones in the 90's did, makes it unappealable to me.

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