Thursday, June 5, 2008

What were you doing at 4am this morning?

(Daddy dont read this one... it's not dad-ish material.)
Because I was woken up , harshly, by my 2 furry, barking, alarm clocks who were in ferocious mode! We were all in bed, and sound asleep and then WHAM instant drama and I was instantly terrified, cause like a good dog mom, I know the difference between a normal bark and a "im about to eat someone alive bark".
Erik was at work, and as luck would have it, this was like the one night in a million years that I wasnt sleeping in my dog walking clothes(t-shirt shorts) so I can just roll out of bed when someone has to go. Well it was so hot, and they had been out alot so I thought it would be ok to sleep in a not-so-made-for -public type of ensemble. It never occurred to me that I might need to be fully dressed at 4am.
The first thing they do is run to the back door and i mean they were going NUTS. I was in the closet frantically searching for some clothes and Ralphie comes in there and looks at me like "mom, its crisis time! what are you doing in here playing dress up?!" then he runs back to his barking post. I turn on all the lights, thinking if there is impending intruder maybe that would scare him. They , then run to the front door and still barking so furiously and mean like for 15 mins.
I called Erik and was telling him about it and while we were talking I got up the nerve to look out the window. There was a car in our driveway with BRIGHT lights and someone was getting into it. So that is what they were barking at I thought, and I felt OK about it enough to go back to bed. Our neighbors are grown ups, the kind that dont go clubbing till 4am so the car is a bit of a mystery.... then
Erik comes home from work this morning and says there was a police chase last night that ended on our street at The Family Wash, which in all likely hood means that the person was running through our yard which is why the dogs were going nuts, and then those extremely bright lights must have been on a police car and maybe there were using them to light up our yard. I would say that is a reasonable speculation, not necc fact. I have scoured the internet for an article about it but no luck yet.
I feel very proud of my furballs though, and I really do think that were we to ever be in trouble, they would defend to the last breathe. After we all got back in bed, Ralphie sat , in his most noble stance, on my face, and flossie sat just the same by my feet, so technically they had me covered... just in case. ha

HERE'S the Article from News Channel 5
which incidentally is like the worst reporting ever. The Family Wash closes at midnight and this chasing was going on at 4am... hmmmm?


Lindsey said...

SCARY situation!!! Yay for the doggies!!! They are such good protectors:)

grizaham said...

i think the dogs were barking at our next door neighbor who left at 4 am to go to the airport. facts are crazy.. i think someone just tried to rob the WASH around midnight..

Tonya said...

OMG Laura! I don't like you being alone at night in Nashville! Tell Erik to do something about that or I'm coming up to handle business!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Do you subscribe to the East Nashville List Serve or the Crime Info? I highly suggest the list serve and they will post crime info. I am on the one for Inglewood and since as Tupac so nicely pointed out is "always up to no good" it does come in handy!

Samantha said...

Go Floss Boss and Ralphie! Protect that momma!! :)

ml said...

Good dogs! I am not sure Daisy would have even noticed!

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