Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Today will be spent with Time Capsule..

You may ask yourself.. WHAT is time capsule? and I shall tell you! Its a nifty little thing (by APPLE of coarse) that is a wireless backup for all our computers. Apple has built in thing called Time Machine that sets itself to back up computers on its own , like i tell mine to do it every night, so it will back up to this 500 GB backup drive and anything I back up to it can be accessed by anyone in our network from either of our computers or iphones!
The best thing about this is, I am assured that NEVER again can a crash burn me as bad as it did last summer. Since my Macbook is being worked on I wanted to assure I could back it up before I began fixing it all up again. Its been a long road!
Keeping with the spirit of getting ready for my Macbook's homecoming.. I am also taking some free classes at the Apple store and learning lots of neat stuff which you all will be seeing real soon on the blog! Yesterday's class was all about pictures and how to do super cool stuff to them.
Still waiting for the annoucement for the 3G iphone!

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