Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Today was Pool Day!

For now, we have skipped the Y membership and opted for a deck pool! ha The last 2 days we have spent on some home security stuff like chaining our grill to the deck, flood lights, landscape lighting and now a baby pool! ha I only wish I had pictures of Erik & I in our swimsuits in this thing! In the midst of all that the mailman came by and Ralphie made a mad escape (2nd for the day) which had both the mail man and I wildly chasing Ralphie around the yard.
On to some yard work and we had a great time chatting with our next door neighbors while their son Alec.. maybe 4ish.. ran through the lawn sprinklers with Erik. Alec brought us all some of his beloved fruit snacks and asked for us to play house andd make Erik be the mom HA!!
Friday we are hosting a neighborhood BBQ with Jenn Grout to organize our crime watch. I have gotten SO many emails from our neighbors we have never met in response to my mention of the crime watch. I am so excited to meet them all b/c they are all WAY interesting! and a lot of them are also packin heat in their homes.. which makes me feel ultra safe. So no one over here is suffering from the victim mentality thank goodness!
Erik & I went to a neighborhood meeting last night with Metro present and they showed videos of them doing undercover drug busts to clean up the ghetto and riff-raff and boy was that interesting. I have never seen crack cocaine or a drug deal going down so that was fascinating. They had hidden video cameras in their car and showed all this and those drug deals happen ALL day long and in the span of about 3 secs. The conversations during these were hilarious. Anyway its great to know that the popo are working hard and have such a serious plan about cleaning up Nashville.
I also love that our neighborhood meetings are generally pretty interesting and about things that matter , instead of say , chastising each other the color stain people use on their decks.

I totally planned on videoing some of this to post here, but I think the others would have thought I was being silly and not taking it serious so the camera never made it out of my bag.
anyway.. more to come on this later. Ralphie is pouting cause he wants me to hold him like a baby and rock him.


Mississippi Candice said...


Jill said...

Love the chaining everything down....and cannot wait to meet my other Texas Ranger Vigilanteeeesss!!!

PS Let me know next time there is a popo meeting. We'd like to go.

Lindsey said...

When can I bring the girls over for a swim?? HA! Love it!

jenn said...

Mom has a pool just like that that's in her driveway! My only helpful hint. Go buy an eggshell matress (you know~ like the ones you add to the top of your matress) and put it under it so that you don't get bleacher butt! It's works I promise! Nicholas and I are coming swimming soon! For sure!

Cathryn Sypert (Mandy) said...

Brodie (my Yorkie) is crying right now because he wants me to rock him! Aren't they great??

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