Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Things I am currently Enjoying..

This new magazine discovery! Martha Stewart's "Whole Living: Body + Soul". Its great and teaches you lots of healthy habits for every aspect of your life! I think LCD will like this alot!
My attention span makes it hard to read books, so I generally read magazines ( and love them) but I did manage to read " Marley & Me" thanks to Sarah! and it was a really great book. I also cried my eyes out on the plane in front of everyone. Even the Italian man next to me who kept violating my personal space with his elbows and violating my nose with all sorts of smells.

I might be (slightly) embarrassed to say that, I love Britney's latest album. I listened to it alot when on the trip and it was good. A little "clubbish" but good and interesting as well since the lyrics reflected her random state of mind at the time...

and the HEAT. Yes it was smoldering hot when we got back home and the flowers are blooming and I can now leave my house without a sweater. The air is so hot it sticks to you when you walk outside and i love it.


samantha said...

It also is very hot in Auburn! Today the high is 95!! Smoldering I tell you. The hunnies think it is way too hot-will have to get their hair cut very short probably :( I love all the fur!Miss you guys

SarahL said...

I told you it was really good! I am sooo glad I was at my house when I read it, because I was sobbing my eyes out uncontrollably. Everyone on the plane would have been scared of me.

Lindsey said...

It's not the heat that is killing me, IT'S THE HUMIDITY!!!!!! Yuck! I *heart* magazines too. With 2 young kiddos, that's all I have time to read:)

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