Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ralphie HEARTS Steve jobs!

Here is Ralphie, my 1st born brilliant little techie lover, watching our hero Steve present the new Iphone!  I know there are only a handful of people who actually care about this so I will be brief.

Good news: 
HALF THE PRICE. Yes... for a mere $199 you can get twice the phone! that is not more than any other cell phone costs that you aquire without a contract.
3G (faster internet)
Push eveything (works with exchange)
Games, 3rd Party Apps
sleek new mac book air-esque design
flush headphone jack

no camera improvements
no video
still bound to ATT

So all in all its good news and I am thrilled to finally have confirmation of design as well as a drop date (July 11) so if you have been holding out, now is the time to fold. 

1 comment:

grizaham said...

That phone could have zero cell phone coverage and still be the best thing ever.
Looking forward to it.

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