Sunday, June 29, 2008

Neighborhood Crime Watch Party , A Success!!

The party was a total success! We had a great turn out and a great time. People sort of came and went between the 6-9 hour and then we had a fun late night crowd that lasted till around midnight! It was awesome meeting everyone, cause we really haven't ever even seen them before this party. Its crazy how much we all had in common. All of us around the same age too. Some people here actually went to high school with Erik & Chad! Small world.
All in all, we have discussed and agreed to be VERY aware of what goes on (and who) our street so that we can actively protect one another.
After the police meeting the other night though, I am not as worried. Turns out 90% of those crimes are from being involved with the criminals some sort of way and the other 10% opportunity. Grizaland provides neither so we should be cool....

My mom ( who is like tied with Marty for internet resourcefulness) found this super cool article on East Nashville, and I swear its all true! ha


Lindsey said...

YAY for fun neighbors! YAY for parties!

grizaham said...

Too bad i missed the party! Hopefully you made some good contacts! War EN!

Dusty Otwell said...

This is great LG! Improving your community. I love it!

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