Sunday, June 29, 2008


Lately, I have been having trouble sleeping so I have been watching movies. You can rent them via iTunes on your computer or iphone etc soo I have been pleasantly surprised. Juno was last night and it was HILARIOUS. A really good movie with great character writing. Wierd Music... but this is one I would actualy own and watch more than one time...

27 Dresses I heard was awesome and it was! Super cute and funny! Good Girly feel good movie.

Now here are 2 theatre movies I have been hearing about! Have you seen either of them? My memphis comrads say WAll-e is awesome! Has anyone seen wanted?


Scott Terry said...

love the two movies you saw and I want to see wall-e and Wanted! I will let you know the moment we see them

grizaham said...

Yeah, i saw we see Wall-E monday night..

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