Thursday, June 19, 2008

Letter from Camp!

My little cousin is at Summer camp right now in Mentone. Ralphie wrote her a letter last week and she sent us a letter this week. So cute.
she says:
"Dear Laura, Erick, Flossie and Ralphers,
I have had 2 elergic reactions to the horses. Please send this to Julie. Im having a blast at camp. I'm getting ready for the Mcallie dance. Then there is the Laney Dance. The Mcallie dance is tonight which I'm not looking forward to. Well its time for the dance and the bell is ringing.
Love your cousin,
Cant wait to her all her stories from camp. Everyone else's letters she as asking for them to keep her posted on any news. ha She likes to be in the know... (wonder where she gets that from...)
Richard has not written me yet! :(

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