Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Granpa's Political Corner: Democratic Party post Hillary

You asked the question "What this means to the democratic party?". I think any change will involve the democratic party, the republican party, and the American public as well as the federal government itself. Therefore to address one is to address all.

Think back to when our form of government began. Persons selected to serve a term in office frequently took some loss in order to best serve their country. At that time letters were sent by horseback on land and sailing ship by sea. Consider the time it took to communicate throughout the country. We did not have a large population and few states. The Congress, as established by our constitution, had relatively few members. Congress was not handsomely paid and their object was to govern the United States to the best of their ability. A term in Congress was a temporary job to serve the country, then be replaced.

Over time the population grew, the number of states grew and as the population increased so did the number of Representatives and the number of Senators. At present I believe there are 437 Representatives and 100 Senators. Communications are instantaneous. The population is some 300 millions of people. "News" is ubiquitous. Each of us has access to more information than our predecessors even dreamed of. Our society is the best in the world, but it is expensive.

Someone said, power is corruptive. If one wishes to determine a persons character just give them power. Please remember this when considering the members of Congress (both House and Senate).

Along the way the concept of the elected serving the nation began to be changed to the nation serving the elected. Unseeming practices by the elected became more common, but were not something widely known to the American public. Communications improved and more people became involved in furnishing information that was widely disseminated. Elected officials came to see their position as quite lucrative and provided them power. The need to get elected again and again has come to be quite expensive and so the office seekers turned to where the money is, big business. What does an elected official have to sell? How could monies be given? Perhaps lobbiests were born. Could business interests through lobbying and other efforts alter control of the government?

As we became more successful and our standard of living rose we became more complacent and more focused on satisfaction of our whims rather than our needs. In our centers of "higher" learning the academicians became enamored by the theoretical aspects of socialism and preached their thoughts to impressionable students who believed their professors as learned men. For some time students have graduated with considerable socialistic ideals. Of course a lot of us do not believe in socialism but there are enough that do to produce a divided society. For example. Do you think it is socialistic to take taxes on productivity from one person and by government decision give that tax money to a person on welfare? How much socialism do you want to swallow? Are any of the presidential candidates proposing more give aways? When will the trillions of U.S.debt be paid, by whom and how?

In my opinion our federal government is a collosal failure for the welfare on our nation. We have commitments around the world that we pour dollars into (Are they successful?). Our government has commited us to, in my opinion, trade policies detrimental to the welfare of our nation. The North American Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP) are examples. NAFTA was taken up by congress under rules that made the agreement the law of our nation. SPP was, I believe, proposed by V. Fox, then president of Mexico, to Bush. At the meeting it is said that Fox's Foreign Minister, Jorge Castaneda, described the deal as "the whole enchilada". Using the SPP there are plans to allow unfettered crossings of our borders of people and goods, there are plans for highways from Mexico to Canada, there are plans to build deep water ports in Mexico where goods from Asia could be loaded onto trucks for transportati on to Canada and the US. Anyone gaining entrance to Mexico or Canada would have free access to the US. Islamic terrorists anyone? Where are American manufacturing jobs today? What is the status of our currency? Do we have any foreign debt? Do we spend more than we take in? What is the amount of our national debt and what are the interest charges incurred for that debt?

It seems to me that the politicians believe the American public to be stupid, too busy to find out what the politicians are doing, don't care what the politicians are doing and will have forgotten by next year anyway. This is abeted by the generally socialistic attitude of the "media" and what they report and do not report as well as the spread of socialism within our society. If you rob Peter and give to Paul you can count on Paul to vote for you. Look closely at what measures are being proposed by the aspirants for the office of President. I believe I saw the figures published of the campaign expenditures of Obama and Clinton, together they spent right at 1/2 billion dollars. What do you get for 1/2 billion dollars? What "favors" do you owe and to whom? I don't think the American public will generally be happy with the kind of government I think we are going to have after the election.

What does this mean to the Democratic party? I think changes will involve all political parties and our government itself. Under NAFTA and SPP we continue to drift tword submission to world courts, etc. We are heading for a North American Union between Canada, Mexico and the United States and a single currency the amero. Who will govern? Whose laws will prevail? Without borders our constitution will no longer apply as a border is a requirement when defining a nation. What will be the point of Congress if indeed we must submit to the three countries agreeing on laws, the inevitable disputes, etc?

Bigness is not necessarily better. Will individual states become independent of the union? I don't know but you might think about these things when you are attempting to go to sleep at night.

Granpa Graham

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