Monday, June 16, 2008

The Domestic Goddess has Arrived.

Susannah has arrived! She called to tell me she even brought her own coffee cream! ha ( we dont use cream in the Griza house!) Ralphie & Flossie were thrilled to see her but not as much as me! She has big promises of cooking and teaching me to grocery shop as well so........
We have a great big ole agenda for this week:
  • clean out the junk/bedroom upstairs
  • frame and hang some artwork
  • re-arrange all the kitchen cabinets to be more useable
  • edge and mulch the flower beds
  • girl talk for days
  • dinner with granny
  • dinner with cory
  • dinner with The keltons
  • hopefully a drop in from Miss E.
The list goes on and on! I shall keep you all updated with pics and blogs. 


Lindsey said...

When are you and Susannah going to come help me out??? I need some MAJAH organization, please! Let's work on that...

Cary said...

Y'all have fun!

LG said...

Oh Mamma Cary you and everyone else! I may have to start renting her out! ha We both needed a good girls week!

ml said...

Lg, tell Susannah that we said "hey!" The Roo looked fun! I think Hays was a little jealous :(

Julie Bray said...

Susannah knows the Keltons?!?!
Now I know she must be cool! Plus I like anyone that organizes- better if she's OCD about it too...

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