Friday, June 6, 2008


#1. What is the current Season of Big Love?
#2 When it comes back on? I cant figure it out! Thanks


What I Know said...

I have no idea what this show is, so I can't help you there...but I wanted to tell you that I appreciate your comment about my adultering ex-guy-I'm-talking-to. He was a piece of work, and yes, I should have known he was too good to be true (in any sense of the word).

grizaham said...

Big Love... A great and fantastically entertaining show..
Season 3 comes out in the Fall after being delayed by the writer's strike!

Lindsey said...

There have been 2 full seasons....the first season was much better than the 2nd.

marsha said...

I watched the first season and part of the second and was highly entertained. I didn't realize this show was still in production.

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