Sunday, June 8, 2008

Cory Swindle Holder's Wedding ShinDig

Cory got married this weekend in her hometown of Florence, Al a.k.a. "Flotown"! It was a fantastic wedding. Pretty much exactly what you would expect from her in a wedding. Great Music, beautiful dress with a touch of hippie-ness, and EXCELLENT food. The best food I have ever had at a wedding, It was all seafood or Asian Sushi style foods that was really pretty and tasty! That made Erik's night of coarse!
It was great to see Mave and Justin too! Good times!


grizaham said...

Really fun wedding and the food WAS really good! Wish i had some right now.
The hotel bed was very soft too..

Anonymous said...

Tell Cory Congrats! So good to see her so happy!

I am so proud of you for running! Isn't Nike+Ipod great!


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