Sunday, June 22, 2008

Busy Busy Busy Weekend!

So, this weekend Matt, Scott & Millie all came to visit and Celebrate Matt & Scott's birthdays. We had a fantastic time! Friday night we had dinner and dancing at Mad Donna's.
I only wish that I could find my USB cable to post the pictures.. It was super fun and amazingly my thighs aren't sore from all that "Drop it like its hot" business. We ended the night at Lipstick Lounge where we met lots of interesting people, including a chick with dreads that looked exactly like Dr. Yang from Grey's Anatomy.
Saturday we had a hair session. Erik and I both got make overs! Hooray I am loving my new hair. Then Saturday night we had a super swank dinner at hotspot LIME, a latin fusion restaurant. We followed that with hitting up Tribe & Play with Wooten! It was super fun times. We finished up the birthday weekend with an awesome brunch at The Pancake Pantry.
Very tired from all the fun of the weekend and Susannah week. Hopefully i can post some final pics from all of that once I find a new USB cord.
That is about all the news for now. Have a great Monday!


What I Know said...

Ok, the hair is GREAT! Love it! And we almost went to LIME on Saturday night! Damn, we would have run into each other.

grizaham said...

Damn, i worked all weekend! haha Glad you had fun though my love!

Cory Swindle said...

Wish I could have hung out! They both rock the house! How was LIME?

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