Monday, June 16, 2008

Bonnaroo 2008! We survived!!

Well we are back! It felt great to wake up without the blaring sun on my face in a pool of sweat! I will say I felt quite sore though! ha Dont know why! We are also so glad to be reunited with our doggles! Ralphie wants to be held like a baby all day today!
All in all we had a fabulous time and will probably go again next year!
Here is a small recap!
This is the line as we waited to get in. All in all was about 2 or 3 hours ....not too bad!

Our Lovely abode!

The Fountain that saved us from the heat! I cant tell you how GREAt it felt to get in this thing, dirty or not, when you are out in the blazing sun all day!

The flags! Remember these from the Graham's tailgates? We finally found them in the garage  and used them this weekend! It was great to see them flying again and I cant think of a more appropriate time! It was also really helpful when trying to find our tent amongst the other 80,000!
we LOVE LOVE LOVE this guy. If you know WSP you know him! He is the " Falafel ADD A PICKLE BABY" guy... he sells these things in the parking lot and they are SO good. Its kind of gross to watch him make them with no gloves etc but boy are they tasty! and healthy!  so we ate  at least 4 or 5! and he always said to me " thanks for liking my food sister" ha Love him!

Now can I just say a word about Kanye..... His "special spectacular light show that he insisted be moved till 2:45 am so it would be dark enough for us to appreciate it.. well we got tired and left before Kanye... mostly because we remembered all too well the first time we saw him and BOY did we make a great decision. The next day there were  profanities with his name attached all over the place , painted on people, written on their shirts, spray painted on the walls, porta potties etc and so I finally asked someone , "what happened last night with Kanye?" and she aid it was AWFUL! said he showed up 2 hours late  (so he started at 4:30 am with the sun rising on his" special light show tour") and that the whole time he had his back to the crowd talking to some robot chick. She said he was  basically booed off the stage. I would have LOVED to have seen his big ego being booted from the stage! HA 
still looking for a you tube of this! 


grizaham said...

Great trip. My first good camping experience in my 29 years of existence. And a great festival too!!!!!!

grizaham said...

oh, and here is a link to see about kayne.
i can honestly say that kayne has no visible talent... thanks MTV
watch the vid

grizaham said...

PS. That guys falafels are soooo good!!!

Scott Terry said...

looks like you guys had a blast! Kanyes disaster appearance is all over yahoo.

LG said...

Good. I hope Kanye has ZERO fans left after this. What I would have loved to done is gotten up on stage and let them know that is how he rolls ALWAYS, not just that night but all his shows. he even brags about it lyrically. IDIOT

GHD said...

Check out this from TMZ...

Lizzy said...

Kanye is a puss. How was MGMT?

Dusty Otwell said...

Me want to go next year! Group trip? Although I might have to drug my wife to get her there... shouldn't be difficult to drug her at Bonnaroo though!

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