Sunday, June 29, 2008

Back By Popular Demand....!!!!

Meet Matt
. Matt is my friend/hairstylist. He is a genius and that is actually how I met him, through his genius-ry work on Millie O'Quinn's head.
So many people have asked me about the new do, and so to give everyone the proper resource I decided to blog him for you guys. He works in Homewood (Birmingham), AL at a Salon called MOP.
He came up with the idea for my new style and is good at doing what's best for your hair/face shape etc. AND if you come in wanting something heinous, he is professional enough to nip that in the bud and save you from yourself.
He is laughing as he reads this, because he has more than once had to clean up my mess! ha
Call 205-870-0887 to book an appt. Click HERE for driving directions.

and PS> Thanks for all the comments on the post about my haircut! I was so excited!


grizaham said...

Totally agree here.. Never actually enjoyed getting my hair cut before... Usually i would just close my eyes the whole time then cry for 2 hours after it was over.. Not any more! :)

Dusty Otwell said...

Matt creates the perfect balance of work and play on top of my head. Speaking of, I better call him tomorrow.

Cory Swindle said...

Matt is the bomb! :)

Julie said...

Did you show Matt how long my hair is? Whoa. I need to come home the next time he comes so he can give me a cut. I still have not found someone here in NYC that I enjoy:(

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