Thursday, June 12, 2008

And we are OFF!

Bonnaroo begings today! We are all packed up and ready to go ! I am not taking any computers to avoid heat damage and/or theft so all blogging will be from the glorious iphone! We shall see how that works out. I am expecting major fun! 
Ralphie has been crying since we woke up so I guess he has figured out he isn't coming along! Ohs Nos! 
The day we return from 'roo my very own domestic Goddess a.k.a. Susannah is coming to town for a week ! Super excited about that since having her around is like multiplying yourself times fiddy (50)! We have plans to clean out the spare room upstairs and make it start resembling a bedroom rather than a garage sale! Some yard work and some kitchen cabinet organization! All of which are her specialties! ha Good times ahead. Hopefully my other girlfriend from college, Emily will join us?.. more to come
Happy Thursday to all !


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