Monday, June 30, 2008

Recycle ( and get $) for your old Cell phones/ipods

I found a great new site for recycling and selling your old gadgets like cell phones and ipods. They have a very neat system which takes about 3 minutes for you to complete online and then they will tell you how much your item is worth.
If you are looking to get the biggest buck then you should probably stick with ebay, but for those of you who don't ebay and/or don't want the hassle (and it will be a hassle) then you can just fill out their form and they will pay shipping and send you a check or store credit to your cellular provider.

Its called FLIPSWAP so check it out if you are looking to clean out your gadget drawer for the newer, bigger, better stuff on the market!

PS. They are teamed with the EPA and are very eco-friendly!

Iphone Wallpaper of the Week: 4th of July

Get ready for the 4th! New wallpaper for Iphone & Ipod Touch!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Back By Popular Demand....!!!!

Meet Matt
. Matt is my friend/hairstylist. He is a genius and that is actually how I met him, through his genius-ry work on Millie O'Quinn's head.
So many people have asked me about the new do, and so to give everyone the proper resource I decided to blog him for you guys. He works in Homewood (Birmingham), AL at a Salon called MOP.
He came up with the idea for my new style and is good at doing what's best for your hair/face shape etc. AND if you come in wanting something heinous, he is professional enough to nip that in the bud and save you from yourself.
He is laughing as he reads this, because he has more than once had to clean up my mess! ha
Call 205-870-0887 to book an appt. Click HERE for driving directions.

and PS> Thanks for all the comments on the post about my haircut! I was so excited!

Neighborhood Crime Watch Party , A Success!!

The party was a total success! We had a great turn out and a great time. People sort of came and went between the 6-9 hour and then we had a fun late night crowd that lasted till around midnight! It was awesome meeting everyone, cause we really haven't ever even seen them before this party. Its crazy how much we all had in common. All of us around the same age too. Some people here actually went to high school with Erik & Chad! Small world.
All in all, we have discussed and agreed to be VERY aware of what goes on (and who) our street so that we can actively protect one another.
After the police meeting the other night though, I am not as worried. Turns out 90% of those crimes are from being involved with the criminals some sort of way and the other 10% opportunity. Grizaland provides neither so we should be cool....

My mom ( who is like tied with Marty for internet resourcefulness) found this super cool article on East Nashville, and I swear its all true! ha


Lately, I have been having trouble sleeping so I have been watching movies. You can rent them via iTunes on your computer or iphone etc soo I have been pleasantly surprised. Juno was last night and it was HILARIOUS. A really good movie with great character writing. Wierd Music... but this is one I would actualy own and watch more than one time...

27 Dresses I heard was awesome and it was! Super cute and funny! Good Girly feel good movie.

Now here are 2 theatre movies I have been hearing about! Have you seen either of them? My memphis comrads say WAll-e is awesome! Has anyone seen wanted?

Friday, June 27, 2008

I'm Pretty Sure I need this!

It's an estate flag.. you know that you hand outside of your house! I love it!

Dinner with Grannie Annie!

A little late I know,..but I didnt have a USB cord for my camera! When Sus was here we did our usual date night with Grannie and had a fabulous time. Only this time we talked her out of her Chinese restaurant that we usually go to cause they close so early and don't sell her whiskey!

My wonderful neighbor Garth manages a posh little grille in Greenhills and he gave us the VIP treatment which Grannie really seemed to enjoy! Here is a pic of our Calamari and Smoke Salmon dip!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Solar Lights for your landscaping

So in our grand LOWES adventure the other day, we got these Solar Lights for our front flower bed. I will say I am alwas skeptical of the Solar lights but they are fantastic! They dont light up your yard or anything crazy like that.. but they look very polished!
The best part is ... $29 for 12 of them! no cords or wires and they double as a hose guide !
(click the link to purchase)

Oh REALLY momma?!@#$%^&*IO

Yesterday I was looking for my family....

Yesterday, we had decided to have a family power hour of cleaning. The radio was blaring, I was scrubbing bathroom sinks, and all of a sudden I realize all my partners were missing. I go looking for them, and here they were , all conked out in the living room taking a nap! It was pretty dang cute!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Today was Pool Day!

For now, we have skipped the Y membership and opted for a deck pool! ha The last 2 days we have spent on some home security stuff like chaining our grill to the deck, flood lights, landscape lighting and now a baby pool! ha I only wish I had pictures of Erik & I in our swimsuits in this thing! In the midst of all that the mailman came by and Ralphie made a mad escape (2nd for the day) which had both the mail man and I wildly chasing Ralphie around the yard.
On to some yard work and we had a great time chatting with our next door neighbors while their son Alec.. maybe 4ish.. ran through the lawn sprinklers with Erik. Alec brought us all some of his beloved fruit snacks and asked for us to play house andd make Erik be the mom HA!!
Friday we are hosting a neighborhood BBQ with Jenn Grout to organize our crime watch. I have gotten SO many emails from our neighbors we have never met in response to my mention of the crime watch. I am so excited to meet them all b/c they are all WAY interesting! and a lot of them are also packin heat in their homes.. which makes me feel ultra safe. So no one over here is suffering from the victim mentality thank goodness!
Erik & I went to a neighborhood meeting last night with Metro present and they showed videos of them doing undercover drug busts to clean up the ghetto and riff-raff and boy was that interesting. I have never seen crack cocaine or a drug deal going down so that was fascinating. They had hidden video cameras in their car and showed all this and those drug deals happen ALL day long and in the span of about 3 secs. The conversations during these were hilarious. Anyway its great to know that the popo are working hard and have such a serious plan about cleaning up Nashville.
I also love that our neighborhood meetings are generally pretty interesting and about things that matter , instead of say , chastising each other the color stain people use on their decks.

I totally planned on videoing some of this to post here, but I think the others would have thought I was being silly and not taking it serious so the camera never made it out of my bag.
anyway.. more to come on this later. Ralphie is pouting cause he wants me to hold him like a baby and rock him.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Time to Beef it up @#$%^&*O

So with the summer, comes lots of kids with too much time on their hands... and we are seeing the effects of it here in East Nash...
Today there was another incident and our neighbors were robbed mid day. Yes, they have all figured out that Metro shows up to an alarm call in their own good time. (today 20 mins , last week 45 mins AFTER the alarm company calls them).. so they aint skeerred.
Thieving is one of my most HATED crimes. It has happened to me before.. in Montgomery and it just completely wrecked me. Question is.. how do you really control or prevent it?
Our street is organizing a little crime watch, we all have the apparently useless alarm systems... and thanks to my dad.. a few firearms to back that up with. " I pity the fool" that tries to come, uninvited to grizaworld.
Nevertheless.... I always get great info from blog readers so let me hear all your suggestions and internet articles on crime prevention!
It begins tomorrow over here with outdoor lighting, and hopefully some fencing... and if I had my way a 3rd (much larger) dog child, however Ralphie's ferociousness shall be hard to match..
anyway.. let the suggestions begin!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Busy Busy Busy Weekend!

So, this weekend Matt, Scott & Millie all came to visit and Celebrate Matt & Scott's birthdays. We had a fantastic time! Friday night we had dinner and dancing at Mad Donna's.
I only wish that I could find my USB cable to post the pictures.. It was super fun and amazingly my thighs aren't sore from all that "Drop it like its hot" business. We ended the night at Lipstick Lounge where we met lots of interesting people, including a chick with dreads that looked exactly like Dr. Yang from Grey's Anatomy.
Saturday we had a hair session. Erik and I both got make overs! Hooray I am loving my new hair. Then Saturday night we had a super swank dinner at hotspot LIME, a latin fusion restaurant. We followed that with hitting up Tribe & Play with Wooten! It was super fun times. We finished up the birthday weekend with an awesome brunch at The Pancake Pantry.
Very tired from all the fun of the weekend and Susannah week. Hopefully i can post some final pics from all of that once I find a new USB cord.
That is about all the news for now. Have a great Monday!

Finally the Hair Cut!

Here I am right before the transformation. Good bye long hair!
and after the cut (plus makeup)
Matt is a genius! I love it!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Commenting On This Blog

Many of you have expressed confusion over how to leave comments and I think the biggest thing to note here is that you cant comment on the blog when reading through yoru email. You have to go to the actual website which is to leave comments, vote in polls, see all the graphics, pics etc.
Anyway here is a video that sort of walks you through how to leave comments. You can either sign in if you have a gmail account and it will have your name or you can comment anonymously and just type your name after your comment..

Susannah: Day 2

So yesterday was another full day! We worked on the kitchen. Taking everything out of the cabinets and re-arranging so that the useful things are more reachable. We also went to west elm and finally got some dishes! After that we ventured across the street to the Whole Body Market to look for this special soap my dad likes, and then to Whole Foods. That was like a blast from the past b/c no matter how much I talk to Susannah, I still forget sometimes her blazing mouth, which can seem sort of bossy to a random but i know its just the teacher in her. We were both starving so we were going to all the samples bins and snacking when she decided she loved the peach samples and wanted to buy some. She then promptly went to the SEAFOOD counter where the mens were very busy chopping up sea parts and she hollered back there for them to come get her peaches and wash them cause she wanted to eat them right away ! THEN,,, when checking out she told that girl " dont put my peaches on the conveyor belt cause i just washed them and am about to eat them... " Now, telling the story sounds so dull, but had you been there you probably would have died of embarrassment.

Then, when Susannah was coming in after her smoke break.. she starts shrieking and I run in the living room to see whats up , and.......oops! Flossie and Ralphie had a little situation.... and were connected...
We finished up the night with a total girl fest! So sad I dont have any pictures but JessiDesign is in town so she came over, and Cory, and Wooten and we all went to the wash for dinner! SO much fun. Jessi gave me some great ideas for our bathroom, which incidentally is going back under construction this weekend... stay tuned.

Letter from Camp!

My little cousin is at Summer camp right now in Mentone. Ralphie wrote her a letter last week and she sent us a letter this week. So cute.
she says:
"Dear Laura, Erick, Flossie and Ralphers,
I have had 2 elergic reactions to the horses. Please send this to Julie. Im having a blast at camp. I'm getting ready for the Mcallie dance. Then there is the Laney Dance. The Mcallie dance is tonight which I'm not looking forward to. Well its time for the dance and the bell is ringing.
Love your cousin,
Cant wait to her all her stories from camp. Everyone else's letters she as asking for them to keep her posted on any news. ha She likes to be in the know... (wonder where she gets that from...)
Richard has not written me yet! :(

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Cute Babies Eveywhere!!

This little ball of preciousness is WILL my nephew from Brother David. He is about 12 weeks and at the doctor. I LOVE that facial expression

and this is little Maia! Linzy Brakefiled Goswami's & Rohit's daughter. Look at that sweet face!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Susannah : Day 1 ; Total Sucess

So I have to say, I am a bit worn out! Between Italy and Bonnaroo my body doesnt know when to sleep and when to wake. Ralphie, on the other hand, thought 6am was a spectacular time to rise today, even though i went to bed at 3am. Pretty tired, but very satisfied with today! Between Erikface and Susannah.. I am DEF not lacking for entertainment or laughs. Those 2 sing, dance and cut up more than anyone I know. Lucky for you all I caught some on tape today... ha
So mission one was to clean out the junk bedroom upstairs and make it sleepable! We are almost there! We did get all the junk out, a trip to goodwill, and beds from the brentwood home moved in thanks to Grum & Erik and also Chad Grout for letting us borrow his truck!
SEE! Beds!

Then, because I cant do anything straight, cut, hang, draw etc Susannah hangs all my pics for me! We went to Old Time Pottery, (which she had never been and went nuts in there! ) and got frames for all of Erik's degrees and school pics and we hung all that school stuff up by the desk!
This is supposed to be our sports/man -room so we are keepin it real in there ha... lots of preds, AU & titans for the wade warrens among us.
Sus helped me frame and hang these adorable Yorkie prints in the guest bath. I have had them FOREVER! so i am really excited to finally get them up!

And, as IF that wasnt all enough, she is now in there cooking us a delish feast!. I went in there and she had flour out shaking things around and things frying in the pan and choppings. It was quite impressive. Ralphie has been watching her EVERY move in there. He whispered to me earlier maybe I could let her in on the Griza way of "cut one, drop one." which means he always gets some bites...
Its almost like having my mom in town,.... because she is so domestic and always leaves things more clean and orderly and prettier than they were upon her arrival.. but I say almost because you will never EVER see my mother getting down to Billie Jean like this:

Granpa's Political Corner: Democratic Party post Hillary

You asked the question "What this means to the democratic party?". I think any change will involve the democratic party, the republican party, and the American public as well as the federal government itself. Therefore to address one is to address all.

Think back to when our form of government began. Persons selected to serve a term in office frequently took some loss in order to best serve their country. At that time letters were sent by horseback on land and sailing ship by sea. Consider the time it took to communicate throughout the country. We did not have a large population and few states. The Congress, as established by our constitution, had relatively few members. Congress was not handsomely paid and their object was to govern the United States to the best of their ability. A term in Congress was a temporary job to serve the country, then be replaced.

Over time the population grew, the number of states grew and as the population increased so did the number of Representatives and the number of Senators. At present I believe there are 437 Representatives and 100 Senators. Communications are instantaneous. The population is some 300 millions of people. "News" is ubiquitous. Each of us has access to more information than our predecessors even dreamed of. Our society is the best in the world, but it is expensive.

Someone said, power is corruptive. If one wishes to determine a persons character just give them power. Please remember this when considering the members of Congress (both House and Senate).

Along the way the concept of the elected serving the nation began to be changed to the nation serving the elected. Unseeming practices by the elected became more common, but were not something widely known to the American public. Communications improved and more people became involved in furnishing information that was widely disseminated. Elected officials came to see their position as quite lucrative and provided them power. The need to get elected again and again has come to be quite expensive and so the office seekers turned to where the money is, big business. What does an elected official have to sell? How could monies be given? Perhaps lobbiests were born. Could business interests through lobbying and other efforts alter control of the government?

As we became more successful and our standard of living rose we became more complacent and more focused on satisfaction of our whims rather than our needs. In our centers of "higher" learning the academicians became enamored by the theoretical aspects of socialism and preached their thoughts to impressionable students who believed their professors as learned men. For some time students have graduated with considerable socialistic ideals. Of course a lot of us do not believe in socialism but there are enough that do to produce a divided society. For example. Do you think it is socialistic to take taxes on productivity from one person and by government decision give that tax money to a person on welfare? How much socialism do you want to swallow? Are any of the presidential candidates proposing more give aways? When will the trillions of U.S.debt be paid, by whom and how?

In my opinion our federal government is a collosal failure for the welfare on our nation. We have commitments around the world that we pour dollars into (Are they successful?). Our government has commited us to, in my opinion, trade policies detrimental to the welfare of our nation. The North American Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP) are examples. NAFTA was taken up by congress under rules that made the agreement the law of our nation. SPP was, I believe, proposed by V. Fox, then president of Mexico, to Bush. At the meeting it is said that Fox's Foreign Minister, Jorge Castaneda, described the deal as "the whole enchilada". Using the SPP there are plans to allow unfettered crossings of our borders of people and goods, there are plans for highways from Mexico to Canada, there are plans to build deep water ports in Mexico where goods from Asia could be loaded onto trucks for transportati on to Canada and the US. Anyone gaining entrance to Mexico or Canada would have free access to the US. Islamic terrorists anyone? Where are American manufacturing jobs today? What is the status of our currency? Do we have any foreign debt? Do we spend more than we take in? What is the amount of our national debt and what are the interest charges incurred for that debt?

It seems to me that the politicians believe the American public to be stupid, too busy to find out what the politicians are doing, don't care what the politicians are doing and will have forgotten by next year anyway. This is abeted by the generally socialistic attitude of the "media" and what they report and do not report as well as the spread of socialism within our society. If you rob Peter and give to Paul you can count on Paul to vote for you. Look closely at what measures are being proposed by the aspirants for the office of President. I believe I saw the figures published of the campaign expenditures of Obama and Clinton, together they spent right at 1/2 billion dollars. What do you get for 1/2 billion dollars? What "favors" do you owe and to whom? I don't think the American public will generally be happy with the kind of government I think we are going to have after the election.

What does this mean to the Democratic party? I think changes will involve all political parties and our government itself. Under NAFTA and SPP we continue to drift tword submission to world courts, etc. We are heading for a North American Union between Canada, Mexico and the United States and a single currency the amero. Who will govern? Whose laws will prevail? Without borders our constitution will no longer apply as a border is a requirement when defining a nation. What will be the point of Congress if indeed we must submit to the three countries agreeing on laws, the inevitable disputes, etc?

Bigness is not necessarily better. Will individual states become independent of the union? I don't know but you might think about these things when you are attempting to go to sleep at night.

Granpa Graham

Monday, June 16, 2008

The Domestic Goddess has Arrived.

Susannah has arrived! She called to tell me she even brought her own coffee cream! ha ( we dont use cream in the Griza house!) Ralphie & Flossie were thrilled to see her but not as much as me! She has big promises of cooking and teaching me to grocery shop as well so........
We have a great big ole agenda for this week:
  • clean out the junk/bedroom upstairs
  • frame and hang some artwork
  • re-arrange all the kitchen cabinets to be more useable
  • edge and mulch the flower beds
  • girl talk for days
  • dinner with granny
  • dinner with cory
  • dinner with The keltons
  • hopefully a drop in from Miss E.
The list goes on and on! I shall keep you all updated with pics and blogs. 

Bonnaroo 2008! We survived!!

Well we are back! It felt great to wake up without the blaring sun on my face in a pool of sweat! I will say I felt quite sore though! ha Dont know why! We are also so glad to be reunited with our doggles! Ralphie wants to be held like a baby all day today!
All in all we had a fabulous time and will probably go again next year!
Here is a small recap!
This is the line as we waited to get in. All in all was about 2 or 3 hours ....not too bad!

Our Lovely abode!

The Fountain that saved us from the heat! I cant tell you how GREAt it felt to get in this thing, dirty or not, when you are out in the blazing sun all day!

The flags! Remember these from the Graham's tailgates? We finally found them in the garage  and used them this weekend! It was great to see them flying again and I cant think of a more appropriate time! It was also really helpful when trying to find our tent amongst the other 80,000!
we LOVE LOVE LOVE this guy. If you know WSP you know him! He is the " Falafel ADD A PICKLE BABY" guy... he sells these things in the parking lot and they are SO good. Its kind of gross to watch him make them with no gloves etc but boy are they tasty! and healthy!  so we ate  at least 4 or 5! and he always said to me " thanks for liking my food sister" ha Love him!

Now can I just say a word about Kanye..... His "special spectacular light show that he insisted be moved till 2:45 am so it would be dark enough for us to appreciate it.. well we got tired and left before Kanye... mostly because we remembered all too well the first time we saw him and BOY did we make a great decision. The next day there were  profanities with his name attached all over the place , painted on people, written on their shirts, spray painted on the walls, porta potties etc and so I finally asked someone , "what happened last night with Kanye?" and she aid it was AWFUL! said he showed up 2 hours late  (so he started at 4:30 am with the sun rising on his" special light show tour") and that the whole time he had his back to the crowd talking to some robot chick. She said he was  basically booed off the stage. I would have LOVED to have seen his big ego being booted from the stage! HA 
still looking for a you tube of this! 

Friday, June 13, 2008

DaY 2 at the Rooo

We made it through our first night last night and it went really well! Our tent looks like the taj mahal compared to all the 2 person pup tents all around us. We are definately the old kids on the block who came prepared with fans, and shade tents etc but thats cool! This may be the 1st time in a long time that we took a trip somewhere and I havent had to make notes about what to remember next time around. We learned alot from Lollapalooza last summer!
Yesterday we saw MGMT & Vampire Weekend & Lez Zepplin! All great! Today we have seen Stephen Marley, The Raconteurs, Umphrey's McGee, and are off to see Willie Nelson now.
Food has been VERY yummy here and heat has actually been managable. They have a HUGE mushroom water fountain in the center that you can bathe or cool off in and that changes everything when it starts getting hot!
Wish I could get some pics to go through but apprently only text and phone calls work well !

Thursday, June 12, 2008


We are here

In line and not near as long as some lines! Approx 4 miles bumper to

And we are OFF!

Bonnaroo begings today! We are all packed up and ready to go ! I am not taking any computers to avoid heat damage and/or theft so all blogging will be from the glorious iphone! We shall see how that works out. I am expecting major fun! 
Ralphie has been crying since we woke up so I guess he has figured out he isn't coming along! Ohs Nos! 
The day we return from 'roo my very own domestic Goddess a.k.a. Susannah is coming to town for a week ! Super excited about that since having her around is like multiplying yourself times fiddy (50)! We have plans to clean out the spare room upstairs and make it start resembling a bedroom rather than a garage sale! Some yard work and some kitchen cabinet organization! All of which are her specialties! ha Good times ahead. Hopefully my other girlfriend from college, Emily will join us?.. more to come
Happy Thursday to all !

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Did you know?

That marigolds repell Mosquitos?

Are you a Member of the Y?

Recently Amy Wooten took Erik & I to the YMCA as her guests. It is like a mile from our house and it was totally rad! I mean a mushroom fountain .. what? Am I at 6 Flags? AWESOME.
It also has a great work out facility so I think we may join up next month! We shall see...
There is a lot to be said for pool access in the Graham Fam! 
PS. Incase you dont know (cause I didnt) YMCA has nothing to do with the village people... it actually stands for Young Mens Christian Association... 

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It's Time for a New Do!

I'm bored with my hair and I have been begging Matt to give me a pink streak in it and he adamantly refuses ( Matt, - expect large sums of cash in the mail as soon as my father reads this)... 
Anyway, he advised against the bangs last year, and i cut them myself (in the car while riding home from somewhere) and they looked just as crappy as he said they would so I'm gonna listen to him when he says no to the pink streak. 
He did however, suggest a new style "the Gwynneth" and I said fabulous! So later this month Erikface and I will go get our hairs did and I will hopefully come out looking like this. Please cast your vote in the right margin.

Ralphie HEARTS Steve jobs!

Here is Ralphie, my 1st born brilliant little techie lover, watching our hero Steve present the new Iphone!  I know there are only a handful of people who actually care about this so I will be brief.

Good news: 
HALF THE PRICE. Yes... for a mere $199 you can get twice the phone! that is not more than any other cell phone costs that you aquire without a contract.
3G (faster internet)
Push eveything (works with exchange)
Games, 3rd Party Apps
sleek new mac book air-esque design
flush headphone jack

no camera improvements
no video
still bound to ATT

So all in all its good news and I am thrilled to finally have confirmation of design as well as a drop date (July 11) so if you have been holding out, now is the time to fold. 

Monday, June 9, 2008

WWDC Starts Today!

WWDC ( world wide developers conference) starts today! That is great news! It is a big event held at Apple that all tech geeks anticipate. This year we are expecting the announcement of a new 3 G iphone! and lots of 3rd party apps and new software also for iphone. If you are an Iphone user this event will change everything for you!
If you are a blackberry user,.... get ready to be burried! You know how the Wii compares to the 1st Nintendo ever made? Well that is how the 3G 2nd Gen Iphone will compare to the Blackberry!  
Happy day for all your stock owners!

You can read updates and see how SERIOUS this event is HERE

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Cory Swindle Holder's Wedding ShinDig

Cory got married this weekend in her hometown of Florence, Al a.k.a. "Flotown"! It was a fantastic wedding. Pretty much exactly what you would expect from her in a wedding. Great Music, beautiful dress with a touch of hippie-ness, and EXCELLENT food. The best food I have ever had at a wedding, It was all seafood or Asian Sushi style foods that was really pretty and tasty! That made Erik's night of coarse!
It was great to see Mave and Justin too! Good times!

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