Saturday, May 31, 2008

A Whole New meaning to "Bathroom"....

I made a long list of tips, while on our trip, for those of you who ever want to visit Italy. I really appreciated the tips I got from friends who had been. One of the biggest differences over there is the whole restroom issue. Italians, from what I have seen, have no need in nice bathrooms. They are as plain and efficient as possible. ... and hard to come by too.
Take for instance this pic below. That yellow door is a bathroom, in a closet, shared by every restaurant, bar, & gelato place on that street. ONE bathroom that you have to leave the restaurant to go to.

It's a little tricky because most light switches there are on timers. The switch is never easy to find either, but you better be quick unless you wanna be in some strange stinky room in the dark!
Toilets rarely had seats and were generally really low to the ground, like this one below. That just might be 12" off the ground.
The flusher is a button on the top of that box kind of high up the wall.
Sinks, usually had a floor pedal that you used to turn on, so that if you remove your foot the water turns off. I cant tell you how long it took for me to figure this one out. I was waving my hands all over the place for some hidden sensor. Quite a sight.

So a strange topic I know, but that was one of the most different things over there and its good to know about!


Marty said...

Wow, you guys would never make it in Africa.. or at least not w/out a handy colostomy bag, or Depends, ha!

grizaham said...

True Marty.. I define a nice bathroom as this... Anywhere i can go were my feet dont get splashed..
Every hotel bathroom we stayed in had a water fountain right next to the toilet so when you were sitting there you could drink the water!! How cool is that!!! :0 Thanks Italy!

auhays said...

Uh, Erik, that wasn't a water fountain...Speaking of weird bathrooms, I had some strange ones in Germany! Most had toilet seats though

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