Sunday, May 25, 2008

Cinque Terre Day 1

Today, we took about a 7 hour train ride to Cinque Terre from Venice. Traveling wasnt too hectic, since we only changed trains once and we got here around 3 in the afternoon. JulieBray was nervous about our hotel because she had seen no pictures of it but we were so lucky because its awesome. Its a actual hotel style place( not like the apartment we had 3 block from the hotel lobby in Venice). It has free breakfast and free afternoon snacks and drinks. It also has internet and nice rooms and nice bathrooms AND an english speaking attendant. Like an American/Italian so communication has been a breeze. The way it worked, when we got here we called the hotel and the baggage man came to pick up our bags and once person. I was volunteered so I went and it was HILARIOUS. Erik was all worried about me cause the man was driving like an absolute fool! But I was totally entertained and laughing. Imagine a fat old man who chain smokes and speaks NO english! That did not keep him from talking to me non stop and boy did he! He also cursed out and yelled at all the people in our way , drove up on the SIDEWALK etc.. It was all funny until his bumper bumped a 5 yr old little girl. I thought I was gonna have an absolute heart attack. I cant believe the mom didn't attack him right there. After that it was alot of grunting and sign language bc he wanted me to walk up these hills to the hotel and he was "supposed" to bring the baggage up for me ( he didn't) but anyway, pretty eventful.
Cinque Terre is by far my favorite town yet. Its gorgeous and on the beach and is so much more laid back and friendly. Lot of people who speak English ( we met a couple from Marrietta tonight here celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary). They are having some sort of Lemon Festival here which is related somehow to corpus christi. They have lemons everywhere and also all these kids in the street making these artworks from flowers. Its a contest.

Our hotel has a roof patio with real lemon trees and rose bushes everywhere. Its awesome!
More to come later. Internet troubles here so I cant stay on long!

**Update: Its morning here now (about 9am) and I forgot to mention some important things in last nights blog. 1 - Hallelujah praise God this hotel has a dang microwave so finally I can have warm bread with melted butter.
2- Last night over dinner we were talking about high school for some reason, and believe it or not, Julie Bray went to High School with JILL TUCKER! So right after she left Monroe academy she went to Ft. Walton and its so funny to me that someone I know in life now, knew someone i knew back when. Nobody but maybe Rachel or momma will remember this girl ..... funniest part was she said (this girl >Jill Tucker who had a big ole butt) and I was like no way it has to be the same girl.... ha and it was.


Samantha said...

Cinque Terre seems awesome! Take lots of pics :)

Rachel Davis COne said...

ha Ha ... i remember her! WEIRD.

I haven't posted lately, we've been moving into our new house. Sorry, Italy looks like great fun!!!


Lindsey said...

I just hope Jill Tucker is not reading your blog:) HAHA!

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