Friday, May 23, 2008

Today is Venice!

Venice is totally cool! We are having alot of fun here but the internet is harder to come by. I will try to do my daily update tonight but I may not be able to.
So for a brief update, today we took a 4 hour train ride which was AWESOME . Like a booth at the pizza hut that we all could face each other but the seats reclined, had an outlet for charging things, food service and bathrooms. Totally rad.
We shopped the plaza today and I talked Erik into buying some col Italian shoes. It was hard, but I won eventually! ha Pics later...
We also had a gondola ride tonight and that was amazing. Lots more English speaking people here too.
Downside is EVERYTHING is so expensive. rah. its hard to get over the cost and the exchange rate. You have to pay extra to sit down at a table... but we have to because our feets are sooooo tired!
Anyway.. pictures tomorrow hopefully.

Oh and one thing I forgot to mention that is wild is there are lots of dog childrens here and they are SO WELL BEHAVED> the owners walk all of them without a dang leash! how is that possible. The dogs just follow their owners so well and all through the streets. I asked a man how he gets his dog to do that and he said (from what I could understand/translate) it is an Italian dog's nature. I love it and Ralphie is totally getting whispered on what I get home! ( I know DO is laughing at this as hard as Erik did when I told him my new plan)



jenn said...

Told you the train would be fun! Still totally jealous.... :)

Caroline's Mom said...

Love all of your pics!!! Your trip is exciting to read about!!!

Linzy said...

Was Venice stinky? I heard it is a really stinky city cause they have sewage probs with all that water.. is it true? Keep posting.. it's fun to read your posts.. what is the food like? I take it not just spaghetti and meatballs..ha

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