Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Today has been full of DRAMAZ

TOday has been pretty eventful since I opened one eye... but we will get to that later in the week and I will explain then. But for now, I will let you in on the last detail of the day. Its 10pm.. I am in my office working..

Ralphie was barking like MAD and it occured to me it was a "big deal" bark, (he has like about 50 different barks which all mean different things), so i went to investigate and when i found him in the dining room he was alone... and i thought "well thats odd" i ask him what the deal is and he keeps doing the barking. SO...... i start looking for flossie. She is no where to be found, (which is suspect)!
all doors are closed and locked, so she hasnt escaped
she isnt in her window perch
she isnt in either dog bed
she isnt in either people bed,
not in our closet
not on the upstairs couch
NOWHERE (these are all her usual spots) Flossie like her uncle bro keeps a strict and predictable schedule..
so I ask Ralphie again what the deal is and he keeps barking crazily in the dining room
I say really loud in my dogvoice "who wants to go TTttttttttttttt" and then is saw a small, furry, scared, nose under the couch..
she was TRAPPED under the dining room couch. ha she fell off the backside of it down that crack and was underneath trying to crawl out but the space was too small! poor dear i lifted up the couch and she BOLTED out of there like she does when she is wet from a bath. its been madness ever since
ralphie followed her around and barking loud & mad as a protective big bro should telling her "she is a total dumbarse for falling off the back of the couch and she could have broken her neck."
I layed off the lectures since ralphie did such a swell job.


PS Snubs i found your beloved MISSING hat in that same couch crack. so i guess you can talk to your dogdaughter about that in the morning!

Ralphie is currently........


grizaham said...

Great story! Glad Ralphers keeps up with the bossie.

Paul Burns said...

that is hilarious

LG said...

Ralphie is a genius first born wonderment

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