Saturday, May 17, 2008

T- Minus 1 Day Now ! Italia qui veniamo

Just 1 more day and we will be gone ! The Brays are arriving tonight. Marti Goeman & Juliel are splitting the time we are gone to stay here with the doggles. Ralphie is really excited about his guests, and I am really relieved to know they are in good hands.
I will do my best to Blog from over there so you guys can see what we are up to. I have tried SO many things to get our 13 page iteniery (with pictures!), that JulieBray made, on this blog and I cant figure it out. So we be going to Rome, Venice, Florence, Cinque Terre, Rome.


Cory Swindle said...

Have SOOOO much fun!!

Samantha said...

Be careful and have fun!!

Courtney said...

I'm jealous! Florence is the BEST. Have fun.

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