Thursday, May 8, 2008

Rosepepper, Family Wash, Holder/Swindles

Last night was a good night. I managed to get all my work done in the day time b/c Erik was sleeping and the other weekly distraction (which we will speak about next week) was holding its own so I got alot done in the morning and was happy about that. Snubs had to work so that stinks but I was hungry and we had no food pieces here so a night out was sounding lovely in my head, but coco and I texted about a girls night and we couldn't get it all arranged. CoCo my girlfriend here in Nashville, she is like a weekly fix, so after you dont see her for a minute you get to missing her and needing her time, and her womanly intuition had her text me about 2 hours after I was having those thoughts! But as life would have it we are both obligated for the next few nights so just as I was thinking I would work all night, I got a call from the Swindle/Holders (engaged at the moment but as of June we will call them the "Holders") anyway, I knew Cory Swindle in college at Auburn and so she is a hoochie and last night was so much fun with them. We had dinner at Rosepepper and went to the Family Wash afterward for a cocktail. She always knows about the latest and greatest music and she is into techie things and her fiance Chad is like Erik's long lost brother so it was a great night full of fun conversations and many laughs. You can read her blog HERE.
Hope everyone has big weekend plans that are fun! Especially the mommies!


Lizzy said...

I'm ba-aack! And, lovin the new layout!!!

Courtney said...

aw so glad to know you need our girl time as much as i do!!

Cory Swindle said...

We had a blast last night! I was toting a Gatorade this AM instead of coffee, but I moved to the coffee pretty quickly. :) I heart Family Wash!

GHD said...

Hey, its Greg/Birmingham. Had to change my blog address. The new one is

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