Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Rome, Italy : Day 2

Today was " The Vatican" and it was very cool. We started early, well rested and there was NO rain.... until we got inside the Vatican, then it rained for hours but I was happy b/c it was gone by the time we got out.
This was a for real mummy they have in the Vatican. They have stuff there that dates back before Jesus! That is hard to wrap your mind around!

Took this for Ralphie & Flossie. Looks like even ole Roman dogs told each other secrets!
All of the ceiling were amazing. Walls too. Its hard to imagine how all of that was constructed and how many hours, days , YEARs it took!
We completely happened upon a penny smashing machine! (hooray! ERik & I are avid collectors for those of you that dont know!)

Then Erik and I toured this castle while the Brays were on their secret Scavi tour.
I totally HEART audio tours. Go at your own speed and fast forward through the boring parts. Ha. I highly recommend downloading these to your ipod beforehand if available and always carrying your own earphones with you just in case.
Our Loot for the day (FINALLY some souvenirs!) My jacket came in real handy since its kind of cold and rainy here. Erik always makes fun of me when i buy clothes and wear them in the town like a total tourist.
Here at the Trevi Fountains. Erik is making that face bc he loves my jacket so much! ha

So in summary. We are learning to be better Europeans. These peeps are ROUGH. They push and yell and carry on a lot and if you dont do it too you are a door mat, so we are learning how to not get trampled at all these exhibits. Gelato of the day : Tiramisu.
We had a great dinner tonight and are now about to go to bed. Its 6pm ya'lls time!
Even though I am here, I am totally following all the rumors of the possible June 9th announcment/release for the new 3G iphone. BRING IT. Sooo exciting..

PS we sent out postcards today. we wrote then while standing up in line so I hope you can all read them and appreciate the ridiculous amount it cost to send them ha.


jenn said...

Glad that you guys are having such a great time! Back here in the states... big news!!! David Cook is our idol.... thank goodness that 12 year old didn't win!
p.s. I'm at mom's and she says that she hopes that you have lots of fun!

grizaham said...

Ha. I really like your jacket! Many people here where them! I am starting to believe that 75% of the people you see here are tourists! haha That is possibly one of the reasons Europeans hate us. War Preds.

Courtney said...

Do not, I repeat, do not dry that jacket. All of our stuff we got there shrank (and I had the BEST jacket ever from Florence. It was a sad day when that one came out of the dryer). Glad you're having fun! We leave today!

LG said...

Oh good top court cause i totally LOVE this jacket!
Where all are you gusy going?

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