Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Ressurection of my White Macbook!

So, some big news. Do you guys remember the death of my white macbook via Stevie? Yeah, well I was numb and depressed for a while and the estimate to fix it was close to $1k which is almost like buying a brand new computer... so for months I have been using Erik's computer. This week, I did some research and discussion, and I decided to take my macbook to MacAuthority.
It will be considerably cheaper, upon all preliminary estimates, and when I get back, it will feel like I have a new computer as it will have a new hinge, hardrive, more memory etc. I don't know what I will do with myself!
At the risk of sounding like a complete nerdy weirdo, I must admit that I was emotionally attached to that computer. It was a really special gift from my Erikface, at a special time, and I was so upset over the sentimental aspect. SO upset. Then you can add to that the loss of all of my pictures, music and I was completely devastated.
Good news on the horizon though! And after all these months, I think I finally have the motivation and patience to re-add all my stuff on that computer.
In other Apple news, I have been saving pocket change and rolling it since the last Iphone purchase. I then take the cash and put into a special bank which sits on my desk. Last night, Flossie knocked thank bank off my desk, broke it open and took that big wad of cash and hid it.
I found the piece of paper that was around the roll counting the balance in the Living room so that is how I knew she had done this. Lucky for HER that I know her so well and knew where to look. I found all my dolla bills spread out everywhere on the floor in our closet (her favorite stash place) and only a few had been nibbled. It could have been disastrous though!
Lesson Learned. Money Moved.


Cory Swindle said...

Dolla dolla bills ya'll....

Andrea said...

It is SO risky to keep cash laying around like that! You should put it in the bank, or at the very least in a safe! What if someone broke into your house?!

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