Saturday, May 3, 2008

Rehearsal Dinner for Philip & Kerry

Look at these cute boys! Apparently we were all LATE to the dinner as the crown hooted and clapped upon our arrival (EMBARRASSING!) but it was a great dinner and they had an awesome video to show!
The videographer (is that a word?) did an interview with each Philip and Kerry separately then mished and mashed those 2 interviews together to sort of tell their love story. It was hilarious and fun! I didn't know that Philip had known Kerry for years as a "friend" because he was to shy to make a move or ask her out! ha and he said such funny things like " Well she can cook! I know that ... ha It was SO cute and funny and genuine. Sarah and I were both wishin we had a video like that but we decided we didn't think our shy guys (Marshall & Snugs) would be able to talk about such personal things on camera!
All in all it was a really sweet dinner and fun evening!
Philip gave the guys in the wedding this Black monogrammed (big points there Phil!) collapsable stool with pockets and built in cooler! Neat Idea i thought!

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