Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Probably Not Gonna Help My Fitness Plan

As soon as Erik saw these he said " A minute on the lips; a lifetime
on the hips"... Thanks ERIKFACE


Cary said...

That's when you smack the sh*t out of sweet Erikface!!

Courtney said...

are those from gigi's? i had one of those the other day! very yummy!

Julie Bray said...

i think your hips can use one- or two- of those! (:
Gelato and Tiramisu here we come!

Julie Bray said...

by the way, I dare (maybe double dare) Erik to say that to me in Italy... ( :

grizaham said...

i was just joking! i am not accurately portrayed on this site anymore! hhahaha :)

Anonymous said...

Elijah just named off all of these cupcakes - different things - strawberry, blueberry, chocolate - and a few other things - and ate them one at a time off the computer screen... how funny.. He says they are Yummy Lauwra!


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