Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Nike+ Ipod Workouts and Such

So in part of my working out mission, I have started taking daily walks. Roughly in my head about 2 miles and after which I feel super cool about myself and justified in eating whatever in the evening.
I go at different times each day, so that my routine is unpredictable which is a good safety measure. I also avoid the crazy crack lady's house. There are some serious white trash crackheads around here and one in particular thinks all the ladies want her man. I mean, its a legit thought, who WOULDNT be attracted to a 40 something crack head with 3 teeth and dirty hair? So anyway I go extra out of my way to avoid that house... i really wish I had a picture to help with the visual though!
I never thought I would say this, but I actually enjoy these walks. Its amazing how when you add music to something it can become enjoyable. You can also listen to sermons or podcasts as well. Its a nice 20 mins or so away from all distractions or all my electronics that I am so obcessed with. I might run, for a smidge, on a good day to get some cardio in. Then I come home and follow with weights and crunches.
I say all this to say, as SOON as this starts paying off, you all will know it because i might just wear my swimsuit everyday. I will be like that girl with the new boobs, dying to show off the new bod. and as heinous as you think it is for me to say that out loud, I know you can totally identify.
So I get home, plug in my Ipod Piece to see my stats (see widget in margin ): 1.28 miles (WHAT? I thought it was 2!!) 122 Calories burned.. (again WHAT? just one SPRITE has 140 calories and all that work didnt even equal a dang SPRITE.) ugh. I totally see how people get fat now. Then add to that, the fact that working out burns more energy and makes you more HUNGRY. ha oh this is a mess.


Caroline said...

To make it fun try running silly/crazy like Phoebe and Rachel on friends. (With this methods you must have the dogs along so you don't look completely insane).

Andrea said...

HA, it's so true. As soon as you start working out you're hungry all the time!

kristicpoltrack said...

yay, for Laura! it always takes me about a month before results starts showing so keep at it. You're actually burning more calories than you think since you are boosting your metabalism...especially with the weight lifting...more muscle burns more fat. (not that you have much, if any, fat to burn any dang way!)

Lindsey said...

I'm with you. If I walk/run/exercise, I still think I can eat whatever I want.

grizaham said...

great work laura. dont trust that ipod thing just yet. i ran my 2 mile course with it today and it said i ran .23 miles... hmmm keep up the good work!

Caroline's Mom said...

I love the Nike and iPod thing! I use it all of the time!

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