Tuesday, May 6, 2008

News on the Iphone, Nike + Iphone, & DVR on Iphone??

Wow so many exciting things happening in Iphone world right now. The first is this cool new Iphone Friendly Website for The Associated Press! Go to www.apnews.com on your Iphone and you can fix your settings by zip code of category of interest with news. It has an interface that works like any apple product would so its very intuitive. Check it out and see for yourself. This is great for peeps like Snugs and Bro. They love their Hockey News.. so this will make it very easy for them to read without the clutter of the Newspaper..

Then our Iphone friend we made in Memphis emailed me about this SUPER groovy thingy for the iphone that basically turns your computer into a DVR that you can transfer the programs straight to the Iphone. Hip Hip HOORAY.
Elgato & EyeTV
Check it out on their website. The one major flaw on that site is I need like a dummies list of what all is needed to make this happen and a bottom line pricetag.. ha but everything is sold individually which confuses electronic genius posers like myself. ha
Now , sorry to say I must have mis reported the option for a Nike+ with Iphone as May 1st has come and gone and I looked EVERYWHERE for it and found nothing which led me to call Apple and they denied knowing anything of it, and hoping they were wrong I called Nike as well and they too said nothing had been announced etc so Sad but true the stinkin girl at the Nike Store in Lennox mall was full of it. That was the most detailed lie I have heard in a while though so props for that girl. RAH.
Erik, Juliel and I are about to compete with each other online with the nike/nano combo and see what we do! I am excited and hope this keeps me motivated. I will report my work out progress in a more appropriate blog post later.

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