Friday, May 16, 2008

More Dramaz....

Yesterday, When I woke up, this was the first thing I read:

"hey f***you and your fees you sent me a bogus juicy hoodie it was in horrible condition and you couldnt have missed it it was noticable damage! you said it was in excellent condition i just want my money back im not filling anything out until i get exactly what i paid out i had to ship the f****** thing back and im not asking for that money yet i should. So if you want a good ebay reply send me my money bitch!"

Now if that doesnt bring sunshine and smiles to your face.. what will?
That email was followed by a few more, of similiar language (I edited so as not to offend anyone). I was completely frustrated b/c this person bought a hoodie from me, i shipped it. they refused delivery and it was sent back to me UNOPENED. So I didnt understand how they could be so upset claiming fraud etc if they had not even opened the package. I was also annoyed b/c if I were to refund them I would be out about $10 in fees & shipping. It was quite frustrating, however I am getting better at handling this situations b.c I didnt retaliate with the emails. Good for me, (Mamma you can pat me on the back now!). That was one of the rare times my brain started working BEFORE my mouth!

Anyway, that went on all morning, and since it started out a crap day, I decided to deal with all the other unpleasant things at hand. You know those calls you dont want to make or things you put off cause you know it will tick you off .. well that is what I did for about the first 4 or 5 hours of the day yesterday. Networking our computers & printers, calling about my ipod on the fritz, taking my phone to get fixed b/c I spilled root beer in the receiver, etc.
By the end of the day, I was feeling good. I got a lot of yucky stuff done! (I can now print wirelessly from anywhere in the house, hooray!)
Then late last night, I get an email from that same buyer, asking where her item was and that she thought she had paid for it. I replied with , "remember me?, the one you cursed out all morning long" and then I get this email:

"i am so sorry that i wrote you those messeges they were not intended for you i had bought a juicey hoodie that was completely destroyed i never recieved your coat and my wife was looking so forward to having it in her collection. my apolligies to you please resend to XXXXXXX unit e olympia , wa 98501 and i will repay your difference in shipping lxxxx bxxxx's axxhole husband doug"

So that was never even meant for me anyway. Ha oh well... and the ebay craziness continues.
What is more interesting about this though, is that since I now hardly sell Juicy anymore and mostly sell only J.crew my customer base is COMPLETELY different. Much nicer in fact!


Lindsey said...

Glad the eBay situation ended well. I hate crazy buyers.

I'm so proud of Erik for commenting (again) on my blog:) Give him a hug!

grizaham said...

mean people suck

auhays said...

I forgot to tell you that Meredith's brother and sister-in-law got Margaret Anne 3 Juicy onesies! Meredith almost went throught the roof she was so excited! We will have a very hip couture baby now! Sorry about the eBay madness and you root beer phone. I bet it smells good

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