Thursday, May 1, 2008

Memphis is Shady, I mean the LaQuinta is Shady!

So we have arrived in Memphis, Tn! We got here earlier this afternoon. Ribs at Rendezvous. Then on to our luxurious accommodations at the LaQUINTA Inn. Checking in was about as smooth as usual. "Reservation? What Reservation" ? Then we get to our room and no kidding, found a used swimsuit drying in the shower and pepperoncini pepper stems on the floor.

Strict cleaning regimen they have here yeah?
Then Erik & I venture out for Mexican dinner and margaritas which were much needed after a stressful afternoon. While at dinner we see this cool guy on an iphone and strike up iphone conversation. He was TOTALLY an apple nerd like myself so we had fun talking about the future of apple and his wife is an artist and they have a blog, which I feel I should link to cause they are neat people. Wonder if he will mind me linking to him? Hmmm
Anyway, so all in all, we got here safe and made an iphone friend. Great Day. Hotel has provided many laughs and Erik is now contemplating what " item he wants to leave behind for the next patron" ha

We are currently ordering a pizza and also trying to remember every horrible hotel forward such as nasty glasses in the bathroom or dirty sheets etc.
The trek to Philip Johnson's wedding in Arkansas resumes tomorrow at 10am! Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

no the apple nerd doesn't mind... haha you should have stayed at the Hilton. Paul

grizaham said...

Memphis is NOT shady! Its another great city of the great state of TN! I would sleep on Beale Street just to be able to eat the wonderful ribs of Rendevous! The home of Elvie and the Grizzlies! War Memphis. On to ARK

Julie said...

This hotel sounds ALMOST as nice as the Microtel in Athens, GA! HA HA!

Courtney said...

who are these people in the picture? bc thats not laura and that other guy kinda looks like erik, but only if erik cut all of his flowy hair off!

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