Sunday, May 18, 2008

MaJAH disaster before our Italy Trip!

Its 4:26 on a Sunday and Snugs has just called to tell me he lost his EYEGLASSES whilst cutting the grass at the Brentwood house. OH! NO! we have less than 2 hours on a Sunday to find someone who can make replacements BEFORE we leave tomorrow morning!

UPDATE: It is 7pm and he has just arrived home with NEW glasses. By the Grace of God he was able to find someone to make him new ones! HOORAY. Close call otherwise the trip would have been busted b/c he wouldnt have been able to see anything. So I had a self talk and realized I should always have an extra pair of glasses for him since they are necc for life.


Lindsey said...

GOOD LUCK! Oh and I hope y'all have a blast on your trip!!!!

Cory Swindle said...

Try Walmart, Target or Lenscrafters!

GHD said...

Check out the new titan X by Silhouette. Here is the link. I pick mine up tomorrow! Yipee!®ion=3

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