Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Last Weeks Drama: The Shower take 1 kazillion

Ok, Before I get started on this let me say look at that pole in the right margin adn see that 34 people voted for rants and personal stories. Here is one. I barely have the energy to tell it. Last week was horrid as we began work on the leaking shower again.
It started off badly b/c we had different people bid the work and the girl we bought the house from is taking care of this so it was up to her who she hired. The guy she hired wasnt the one I wanted and his bid was about $1500 less than the guy I wanted. That was a HUGE red flag to me. If you don't already know this, you pretty much get what you pay for with home work like that. So EARLY one morning this dude just shows up at our house, no phone call, I had no idea he was coming at all hired etc and he tells me he is ready to start work. I , (annoyed at the early morning no calling sitch, dogs barking their HEADS off in the background) let him know that I dont like this just showing up bit and eventually let him in to work. Once he gets in to "work" he asks me for all sorts of tools, blankets to cover his work area etc. Bottom line is the dude was unprepared, and I was becoming his helper.
From there it went down hill over 3 days. The shower looks like absolute POOP. It still isnt draining properly and in the process to getting that I wasted 3 VERY good work days before our trip,
- he washed off his excess grout in both our bathroom sinks which now dont drain properly
- he ruined our hardwood floors in that bathroom
- he had multiple arguments with his women very loud ones, in my yard and in my house..
- he tracked in and out all day long on my good run etc
- he bumped his ladder into my walls scratching them all up
- wiped their nasty little hands on my GOOD linens now stained
- got black grout EVERYWHERE, which dried and he tried t hide by putting white caulk on top of that. IDIOT

Basically made a complete mess of my house, wasted alot of money, ran my nerves straight into the ground and tried to talk to me way too much while I was working in my office.

So I say all this to say: learn from my mistakes
- Hire the guy you know will do well, that you trust to be in your home, that you dont think has a substance abuse problem, and that has REFERENCES you can check, and that you wont be scared of. Even if you have to pay for it yourself etc. There is a lot to be said for quality work and peace of mind.

- Have a good, very clear, idea of what you want before you ever get started. This guy tried to talk me out of and into all sorts of things, to make his job easier and it was very exhausting.

- Watch them, at all times, unless you trust them completely. I should have made them GET OUT of my house early on. Many times actually, and I just kept letting it go on, because I thought maybe I was just irritated and over reacting. Turns out I was right all along and should have trusted my gut.
- Never EVER pay them ANYTHING up front or during the job. I made the mistake of giving him a post dated check for half the work when he got half way through, because he was badgering me and i was in the middle of an important call and just needed to shut him up, I told him explicitly not to cash till the while job was over and i said it was Ok. He left my house and went straight to a cash advance place that called me EIGHT times to get permission to cash the check. (too bad I cant put a video of the voice mail I left him after that, with all my blood vessels popping out of my face as I screamed)

- Make sure before you ever start work that you all have a VERY clear understanding of how things will be done, who is cleaning up the mess, who is paying for materials and when they will be paid.

If at any point, you feel like you are being too mean or bossy, then amp it up about 10 times, cause that is what they are used to, and nice doesnt quite get their attention, or get you any work done. TRUST that.

I could go ON and ON. But I will spare you b/c it literally gives me a headache to talk about it. I can barely walk in there as it is.


auhays said...

What a bummer! Did he have his contractor's license? That should have been caught on film by Dateline NBC! Glad you learned from it though...

Andrea said...

Did you take his picture like you do of all the other workers that come to your house? You should make sure no one else hires that loser!

Lindsey said...

UGH! How awful! I'm so sorry. It is so hard to believe that people don't take pride in their work. I guess I'm naive to the "real" world. I don't do well with situations like that. I'm too trusting.

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