Saturday, May 31, 2008

Home Sweet Home!

Ahhh! How good it is to be home, with my dog childs and hours upon hours of free, uninterrupted fast internet! HA
Our trip home was quite a long one! People with limbs as long as Erik & I weren't meant for coach seats on a 12 hour flight. Boy was I glad to get out of that seat. We connected in ATL and got home around 6pm after having been up for almost 24 hours. The Brays flight home connected in Chicago and got delayed for SEVERAL hours so i felt terrible for them when they rolled in about 10:30 pm.
It was also exciting to see that my experimental gardening has faired well in our absence. The Carrots are looking kind of huge and our tomato plant that was about 14 inches tall when we left has tripled in size!
The doggles were super glad to see us, although they quickly went right back to snuggling their favorite auntee who is sick with a cold. I also picked up a cold during our layover in the ATL airport. Both doggles furs had grown out so long while we were gone and I see that Flossie has learned how to see herself in the mirror. She has come in here several times this morning, and stared at herself for several minutes at a time. HA
I will put some pics on the blog soon from the trip. Its almost heart breaking to say, but our camera batteries all died the first 3 days and when we went to charge them the converter got a power surge and fried the camera charger... leaving us without a camera for the majority of our trip. Thank goodness for the Iphone! most of the pics you will see were taken with that.
Erik is awake now so I must go get us some food pieces.
Good Day


Lindsey said...

glad you are home safely! so sorry about the camera situation. can't wait to see the Iphone pics.

Julie said...

I need more healing dog snuggles...

Kyle said...

Glad ya'll had a good time and are home safe. Looking forward to seeing the pics very soon.

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