Monday, May 12, 2008

The Hills : Finale

WHAT? Is that what they call a finale? Puh- Lease. That was like... pathetically disappointing!
LC needs to get over high school and her "celebrity". I mean is she not ashamed of the way she is portrayed to the world in that show? Geesh Maneesh So immature and " Mean Girls" - ish.
At least Audrina is real enough to let her know whats up, show or no show! Cause basically, If LC isn't running your life for you and approving all of your friendships/romanticals, then you are not cool in her world anymore.
Wonder if Audrina will be on next season?

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Aiden's Mommy said...

I'm totally with you on this rant!! What the heck kind of finale was that? It accomplished nothing and told us nothing, other than things we already knew! We knew that Lo and Audrina didn't get along! I don't get Lauren... does she not see that Lo is isolating her from all her other friends? It's like Lo just doesn't fit into her life anymore, I don't care for her at all!!! Audrina was totally right in that Lo is the one pushing them apart. Audrina needs to move out and carry on with her life!

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