Monday, May 12, 2008

Google Never Runs out of Cool IDeas!

Right under APPLE, Google is my favorite! They are always coming up with newer and cooler things and they always work well with Apple too. Recently I decided to add all of my email subscriptions to a Google Reader for 2 Reasons:
1- Tired of waking up to 52 emails in each inbox
2- I can also get them on the iphone! HOORAY
SO maybe you wanna know what a "Reader" is and I hope I can explain that to you. See below I took a picture of my Google Reader and it shows all the updates in real time to any blog I subscribe to and in bold means I haven't read them yet. If i see something of interest or I want to reference i can "star" it by clicking on that star in the margin. Anyway its a one stop shop for all my internet readings. You can get just about anything you want in a reader, be it news, blogs, etc. Totally easy to personalize. Also everyone makes a reader, Yahoo! Google, MSN etc. Choose anyone you want. If you have a Google Reader and we are friends in Google land ( Like Gwynneth, Jessidesign, etc) we can see what each other finds neat if we mark that in our preferences. Now I will instantly know when you guys update your sites rather than pointless clicking just to check.
If you want a your google reader on your Iphone as well they have a beautiful widget to go with your homescreen made just for the iphone . I took a picture of it on my Iphone below.
Just go to
on your iphone and it will pull right up. Hit the + sign to add an icon to your homescreen.

PS , this is not "new" news.. I am just finally getting on board. Dont know why I was so resistant to begin with!
Marshall Colquett I have been using spell check lately and you haven't even commended me!

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Lindsey said...

I love, love, love Google Reader.

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