Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Day 1 :Rome, ITaly

We made it! We are here in Rome! We arrived at 8 am (Rome time) Tues. morning and have not slept in about 2 days. We did attempt to sleep on the flight as you can see below! We all got about 2 hours (of odd ) sleep each.

Right upon arriving we all noticed ( and were surprised by) the amount of Graffiti here. Its everywhere and I do mean EVERYWHERE. It is the prettiest graffiti I have ever seen though

And not too long after we got to our hotel to drop off our luggage (it was too early to check in) we went off being tourist, and it began to rain. And Rain and Rain and RAIN.... all day LONG.
I tried to make a run for cover under a balcony and apparently so did every Italian bc there was no space for me so I was stranded in the downpour and got completely soaked as a result.
Total cuteness when you are running on 2 days no sleep/shower and then get drenched. I am sure all the uber cool europeans were impressed. We went to this restaurant to wait out the rest of the rain. I ordered Panna something or other which is cooked milk cream. Totally delish.. kind of like custard with a rasberry sauce on it.
Then off to the Colleseum. (marshallcolquett - forgive my mis-spellings but Im too tired to look them up). Rome is full of crumbly old buildings and they are so neat.
Here you can see the canals where water would run and such.
Then, based on all the expert advice from friends we got some Gelato which we will do every day! Today was chocolate and fabulous.
Then, most impressive sight of the day was the pantheon. Absolutely enormous and I cant figure out how they made such things without the technology we use today. Very cool.

So that is it for day 1. We made it through with no sleep, without getting pick-pocketed, and had some good food.
Souvenirs purchased: 0 (thats a miracle for me)
Gelati eaten: 1 cone chocolate
Sites Seen: The Colleseum, The parthenon, the arena
Lots of fun foreigners here to observe. Lots of Adidas, and Le Sport Sack gear! ha Good times. Stay posted. It is now 8:20 pm and I must sleep.


Courtney said...

so glad to hear that your first day was so much fun! xoxo

Cary said...

I am so jealous and wish I was with y'all! Sounds like a blast! Have fun!!!!!

grizaham said...

yes it was an extremely long day! rome is like this. imagine you are in little italy in the NYC but it bigger. then imagine 7 blocks of huge old crumbly buildings in the middle of it. and they sell gelati and these yummy cold panini sandwiches everywhere.
war eagle.

jenn said...

On record again... so damn jealous... Erik good to hear that you are having fun.( so far... I told you so...) Please enjoy every minute! Laura... the Gelato is too much! Have at least 2 every day! Those italians do!

Tonya said...

I'm so jealous!!! Have fun for me too!!!! :-)

Lindsey said...

OH! So glad you made it safely and you are having fun. I can't wait to see your next post:)

Kyle said...

Sounds like day one is a success. I know Caro is very jealous. She has been wanting to go to Italy since I have met her. Hopefully we will get to do that after nursing school. Have fun and keep us posted.

Lizzy said...

Gelato is yummalicious. Y'all have fun!

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