Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Are you Breathing Fresh Air?

It's a good question! And alot of the answer depends on where you live! (and how you live).
If you go to
you can evaluate your exposure to household pollutants and teach you some ways to cut down that you may not think about, like washing your bedding once a week in high temps.

If you have ever wondered about your exposure to chemicals & waste from Government and Industrial facilities you can search that by entering your ZIP code at
Fair warning though, that site is not up to date or easy to read through!

Go to to check out your zip code air quality! They will also tell you the worst polluters in your area and lots of other interesting facts.

I have been WAY behind on my environmental tips lately, so I will do better when we get back from Italys! For now, work on the air quality in your home by folling simple steps outline on that site above!

Good Day!

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