Thursday, May 15, 2008

American Idol Last Night......

Gahhh SO much to say about Idol.. but the best part was Fantasia. Her performance was crazy. I cant decide if I loved or hated it but I was sitting here so enthralled by it all and then they show SIMON's face and it was so hilarious I laughed out loud. She was so high energy crazy it left you sort of speechless! In fact maybe I will put a video on here so I can watch it over and over. HA

I had forgotten how much weight David Cook has lost since being on the show.

Poor sweet little Archuletta crying at all the girls screaming over him. That was so cute. He made me cry! I like how grateful he is for all his fame. I would love to know about all the drama surrounding his father with the show. Still laughing about him singing " my boo" but he did a great job.

Actually they all made my cry watching all of them going home. Silly I know but its just so sweet to see then so happy and see all their family and teachers and stuff feeling so honored and happy.Dang!


grizaham said...

Gag me. Fantasia has to be the most untalented abomination of a human being i have ever seen. How anyone says she has any form of talent is beyond me..

SarahL said...

I am going to have to agree with Erik. Fantasia is absolutely heinous! I still don't know how she won American Idol? Her performance was just a bunch of running around and screaming with her annoying voice. I think Marshall's face looked just like Simon's did when we were watching her perform. Ha!

Cary said...

Do we think Fantasia is a "she" that started out a "he?" I do! I agree with Erik AND Simon (from the look on his face)!!!!!! YUK!

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